Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine thinks of the human being as part of a whole and recognizes health is directly related to the environment. It is an evolution of the usual practice of the medical professional, where this focus is on the human being and not just on the symptoms. The functional medicine approach is systemic, seeks to [...]

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Alternative Pain Management, Is It Worth It?

Alternative pain management is beneficial for those who do not enjoy traditional methods of pain management, who dislike taking pills or who might find traditional methods or taking pills too costly. Alternative treatments can offer a holistic view, identifying ways the body can naturally heal itself. If you like a more natural method of treatment, a [...]

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Non-Surgical Facelift: Why Do You Need One?

The process of aging is completely natural. There are many ways to determine the age of a person. Looking at their face is one of them. Of course, this is usually the first thing that people see when they meet each other. Just because the process of aging is natural, this does not mean that [...]

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