5 Benefits of Ozone Therapy You Didn’t Know

Ocean Image Ozone TherapyOzone therapy involves giving the body a high dose of ozone in order to stimulate and quicken the body’s natural healing processes. It can be administered in a variety of ways, but is a non-invasive treatment option, and is used to treat many conditions and ailments. But there are secondary benefits to ozone treatments that you may not know or have never heard about. Some of these make perfect sense, and some may surprise you!

1. Ozone Therapy Can Boost Your Immune System

By reducing oxidative stress, some studies have shown that ozone therapies can actually boost your immune system. The ozone inputted into your system can act as an immunomodulator and aid in inflammatory conditions like arthritis and Crohn’s disease. Because ozone is an antioxidant, it has been found to increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes in the body, and continue to aid in treating inflammation. Therefore ozone therapy can assist people with chronic inflammatory diseases by awakening the body’s natural anti-inflammation tendencies. Ozone therapy’s claim to fame is the fact that it helps the body to do what it does best naturally.

2. The Antibacterial and Antiviral Effects of Ozone Therapy

As with any bacteria or virus, it becomes resistant to the treatments the medical community creates, and therefore treatments are ever-evolving. The infection control properties of ozone are being studied more than ever in our current environment.

For example, the effects of tick bites and Lyme disease have been known to improve with ozone treatments like EBOO ozone blood dialysis, where your blood is extracted, ozonated, and re-entered into your body in a closed system. Ozone therapy has also been studied as a prevention tool for viral infections like the flu, which will of course be studied more than ever given the present situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

3. Lowering the Risk of Repeat Heart Attacks with Ozone Therapy

During a heart attack, the heart’s supply of blood is suddenly cut off, resulting in the muscle to die from a lack of oxygen. Ozone therapy has been studied to be helpful if administered as soon as possible after a heart attack in order to maintain oxygen levels to the heart and prevent the occurrence of another attack. It can also reduce the risk of tissue death and further damage due to lack of oxygen (called infarction), and the risk of developing arrhythmia, an abnormal or irregular heartbeat after a heart attack has occured. When 20% of adults over the age of 45 experience a second heart attack within 5 years of their first, this treatment could be life changing.

4. Pain Relief and Wound Healing with Ozone Therapy

Many conditions and ailments come with not only pain, but some can actually cause physical wounds. Ozone therapy has been studied in specific cases to heal wounds associated with disorders such as ulcerous wounds on the feet of diabetic patients, as well as assist in the care and reduction of mouth ulcers, which can be very painful.

It has also been studied more broadly for pain relief including debilitating muscle pain such as lower back pain. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ozone therapies like prolozone can be used for joint pain as well.

5. Ozone Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation

Ozone therapy can also be used for external healing and regeneration! Skin cells like the rest of our cells need oxygen to remain in good condition for many years. Ozone therapies can help cells rejuvenate, while also potentially stimulating collagen and elastin due to its antioxidant and germicidal properties. The effects of this therapy as an anti-aging treatment are still being studied, but we’re well on our way to using this treatment to help all of the cells in our bodies, both inside and out, which is very exciting for our future.

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