5 Ways to Keep Winter Skin Glowing. Part 1

5 ways to keep winter skin glowingYes, our days of lying on the sun-soaked beach are over for a while. But our summer glow doesn’t need to fade as quickly as the summer sunshine always seems to! This is part 1 of our winter skin glow blog series and we’re excited to bring you the best tips and tricks to keeping that skin healthy and beautiful during the cold and dry months of winter.

1. Use Emollients

What are emollients? Emollients may just change your life this winter. They are moisturizers that smooth and soften the skin. Elina Fedotova, owner of Elina Organics, says that skincare products should be more emollient in the winter and lighter in the summer to compensate for the effects of seasonal weather changes. American Regenerative Clinic swears by Elina Organics products and uses them in many of our treatments. Some of Elina’s favorite moisturizing ingredients include shea butter, castor oil, and avocado oil.

2. Learn How Best to Maintain Moisture in Your Home

Long, hot showers may seem like a great idea when the snow is blowing outside. But your skin begs to differ. Instead of over-drying your skin by blasting it with hot water, try a gentler approach to providing your home with much-needed moisture by investing in a humidifier. You can actually purchase cool mist humidifiers over hot steam one if you have pets or little ones in your household who may get too close. As far as your showers go, keep them brief and try to avoid harsh soaps by using oil-based sugar or sea salt scrub instead.

3. Take Advantage of Facial Season

Winter offers a perfect opportunity to splurge on facials. Because we’re avoiding the harsh rays of the sun for a little while, it’s a great time to repair sun damage through natural acid and enzyme peels, microdermabrasion, and a multitude of skin-polishing procedures. Try the Crystal-Free Diamond Microdermabrasion for example!

You should also go for facials that contain masks with a high concentration of proteins and phospholipids. These support the skin’s protective barrier, not to mention they make your skin feel amazing. Try facials that use honey and natural fruit acids as well to brighten, hydrate, and heal skin that has been windburned. The Complete Corrective Herbal Facial could be just what you’re looking for!

4. Where Facial Masks Overnight

To keep the momentum going at home, since most of us can’t get facials every day, invest in a good, heavy night cream to help repair your skin throughout the night. Make your skin go to work while you’re sleeping. You’ll thank yourself in the morning. Just make sure you’re looking at the labels and/or doing some further research into the best overnight cream for your skin type.

5. Take Care of Those Lips

Often the first signs of our skin catching up with the change in season is our chapped lips. While we like to focus on the rest of the skin on our face, our lips are equally as important to pay attention to so you aren’t living in pain. First, avoid licking your lips as an alternative to moisturizing them. Saliva contains enzymes that will actually break down the fragile skin on your lips, so you are doing more harm than good when licking them. Make sure you’re applying your best lip moisturizer every night before bed, to avoid chapping and cracking during the dry nights. Keep one by your bedside for quick application before going to sleep. Then, of course, keep your lip moisturizer handy throughout the day and use it generously.

American Regenerative Clinic has you covered when it comes to being the best at winter facials. Contact us to book an appointment or if you have questions about any of our treatments.

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