Look Younger and Feel better - Skincare and Facial anti-aging Treatments

Doesn’t your skin deserve a treat after all it goes through day after day? With the summer sun, or winter cold and dryness, your skin needs to be adequately hydrated and nourished frequently to keep it’s brightness, elasticity and youthful appearance. Book your facial treatment at American Regenerative Clinic. We offer a wide range of all-natural facial treatments for all skin types, using Elina Organics products. See the benefits of each treatment on our website, then call us to make an appointment.   

Anti Aging Treatments Without Surgery – Ultra V Lift

In cases of extensive damage to the skin, either from the elements, improper care or simply the natural aging process, there are other anti aging treatments to lift and tighten skin without the need for painful surgery. PCL thread lift is a good anti aging treatment option, however, new technology is available at both American Regenerative Clinic locations in Kalamazoo and Bingham Farms. Ultra V Lift uses the power of ultrasonic waves to stimulate collagen production. Collagen forms a strong scaffold for skin cells to grow and thrive. The result is younger-looking skin, often after the first Ultra V Lift treatment. Furthermore, the effects increase over time as the healing process continues weeks after the treatment. Call us to find out more about Ultra V Lift and if it is the right non-surgical facelift procedure for you. 

Do You Know About Ozone Therapy?

Ozone therapy is more widely used in some countries in Europe; however, it is still considered an alternative medicine treatment here in North America. High dose ozone therapy can help alleviate chronic pain in the back, neck and joints, and has shown to be beneficial in treating a wide range of inflammatory diseases. Learn more about high dose ozone and multi-pass ozone treatments on our website, and call us for a consultation. 

Stem Cell Injections Complement Other Regenerative Treatments

Ozone therapy, including high dose ozone treatments, prolozone therapy and PRP procedure, often provide relief from pain and illness on their own. However, in many cases, a combination of treatments, including stem cell injections, can lead to even better results. Stem cell injections have been recognized as effective by renowned alternative medicine doctors like Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky of The American Regenerative Clinic. Book a consultation with Dr. Lutskovsky to discuss your health concerns and whether stem cell injections combined with other therapies would be beneficial. 

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