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How to Best Treat a Sunburn


It’s summertime. And that means the beach, the pool, margaritas, new sunglasses, flowy dresses, sun hats, flip flops, and lots of time spent outdoors in the beautiful sunshine. Unfortunately, the hot summer sun sometimes has other plans for our skin than just giving it a nice

How to Best Treat a Sunburn2021-07-23T20:28:20+00:00

5 Benefits of Ozone Therapy You Didn’t Know


Ozone therapy involves giving the body a high dose of ozone in order to stimulate and quicken the body’s natural healing processes. It can be administered in a variety of ways, but is a non-invasive treatment option, and is used to treat many conditions and ailments.

5 Benefits of Ozone Therapy You Didn’t Know2021-07-23T20:36:01+00:00

4 Conditions EBOO Treatments Can Benefit


EBOO, which stands for extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation, is a unique and innovative form of ozone therapy which has gained prominence over the last few years. It heals and detoxifies by stimulating oxygen metabolism, activating the immune system, and eliminating viruses, fungi, bacteria, yeast, and

4 Conditions EBOO Treatments Can Benefit2021-06-21T18:10:40+00:00
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