A PRP injection is meant to help heal and aid recovery from chronic pain or injuries of the tendons, muscles, cartilage, nerves, ligaments, and more. The enriched blood draws regenerative cells to the injured site which immediately start the healing process. The whole injection process only takes about an hour with patients expecting full mobility the next day.

How could you benefit from PRP?

  1. Natural Healing
    The process uses your own blood to jumpstart the healing process. Nothing artificial is necessary.
  2. Affordable
    A platelet-rich plasma injection is a less-invasive alternative to surgery that comes at a cheaper price tag.
  3. Safe
    PRP involves very few risks and complications when performed under proper supervision. Patients also have a low chance of rejecting the blood or having an allergic reaction since it comes from within.
  4. Recovery
    The treatment promises a fast recovery time. Inflammation reduction happens within 10-14 days.
  5. No Scars
    The injection itself produces no unsightly scarring.
  • Now that you know what PRP can offer, let’s look at who can receive and benefit from the treatment:
  • Athletes with sports injuries
  • People with arthritis and tendon injuries
  • Those with skin concerns like aging, wrinkles, and lines

Common injuries treated with PRP include tennis elbow, rotator cuff tears, and jumper’s knee. Researchers are even finding that the enriched blood could help with signs of aging. So far, platelet-rich plasma has proven to be a safe and non-surgical approach to treat injuries while aiding recovery without the use of medications.