The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

stem cell therapy
Superior Healthcare Stem Cell Therapy
Healing from within is the best way to repair the body. Stem Cell Therapy is one of the most effective ways to go about healing from auto-immune diseases and painful inflammation as the therapy uses your own body to repair itself.

Stem Cells Transform Into the Types of Cells Needed for Repair

Stem cells are mainly used to repair muscle, cartilage and bone, and what makes stem cells so magical, is their ability to form to many different types of tissue. The brilliance of the procedure is stem cells need very little instruction on how to perform within the body. Once the stem cells are injected into the affected area, they will quickly begin to transform into the types of cells needed for repair. As such, Stem Cell therapy is very effective in providing relief to inflamed and swollen areas.

Those who suffer from arthritis, sports injuries, and several auto-immune or neurological disorders have found relief in this therapy. At the American Regeneration Clinic, we are very excited to offer an effective Stem Cell Therapy procedure and also happy to report that it can be completed in a few hours. This therapy has offered relief to a number of our patients – please refer to our website for a list of diseases that have been successfully treated.

Stem Cell Therapy Process

stem cell therapyAt first glance Stem Cell Therapy sounds draughting, so let’s break it down. The procedure involves collecting the patient’s own stem cells – typically we collect from their fat tissue or bone marrow. The collected tissue is specially processed and the patient will undergo this part of the process under local anesthesia. The processed cells are then injected into the affected area and the healing will soon begin. As mentioned, this therapy will take a few hours, and although it can take a couple of treatments to complete the process, the benefits will be noticeable after each treatment.

Prolotherapy or PRP is another method that is used, however, it is less effective as it requires the body’s available repair cells. Prolotherapy calls for multiple injections and requires the body to work overtime to repair the damaged area. Stem Cell Therapy, in contrast, provides what the body requires to complete the repair and that is why this treatment is so effective.

If you are seeking Stem Cell Therapy, or curious to talk through the differences of the treatment versus PRP, contact us to discuss the benefits. American Regeneration Clinic offers Stem Cell Therapy to the immediate area of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan as well as the surrounding areas including Troy, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Twp and Farmington Hills. Please refer to the services tab on our website for further information on all of our services including Stem Cell Therapy, Provolone Therapy, Ultra V lift and all of the therapies we offer our patients.

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