Regenerative Medicine in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Regenerative medicine is a type of biomedical research approach. Regenerative medicine in Bloomfield Hills Michigan incorporates the idea of stimulating the bodies’ own healing processes to repair tissues, organs and establish normal functions. By regenerating human cells, the body can reestablish normal functions. Another branch of regenerative medicine includes growing tissues or organs in a lab and safely implanting them into the human body if the body cannot heal itself.

Regenerative Medicine Uses in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

There are three approaches to regenerative medicine that are offered. These approaches include Rejuvenation, Regeneration and Replacement. In Rejuvenation, the physician stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Replacement involves replacing dead cells, organs or tissues with healthier cells, organs or tissues from a deceased donor. Regeneration involves depositing specific cells to dead or damaged organs. These cells will form into the cells specifically needed to heal that area. Stem Cell Therapy is a common type of regenerative medicine therapy used in Bloomfield Hills Michigan.

American Regenerative Clinic

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