Stem Cell Therapy Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Stem Cell Therapy in Bloomfield Hills Michigan is a process whereby stem cells from one area of the body are relocated to an area of injury or disease. In Stem Cell Therapy, the relocated stem cells form into the type of cell that the body needs to heal the injury. Stem Cell Therapy has the potential to not only heal the injury or disease, but also reverse the effect of diseases.

Stem Cell Therapy Uses in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

A variety of diseases are being treated by Stem Cell Therapy in Bloomfield Hills Michigan. Diseases and injuries range from COPD, arthritis, sports related injuries, Crohn’s Disease, neurological disorders and many more. The process by which Stem Cell Therapy takes place in Bloomfield Hills Michigan takes just a few hours. The cells are pulled through fat tissue or bone marrow in one area of the body, typically the pelvic area, and are immediately disposed into the area of the injury

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