Neurotherapy in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Neurotherapy, or neurofeedback, is used in Bloomfield Hills Michigan to analyze why a patient is having physical symptoms based on what is happening in his or her brain. Neurotherapy involves the use of an EEG to watch the brain activity of a patient in order to determine why certain symptoms are occurring. Once initial brain activity has been tracked, a physician can train the patient by providing real-time feedback as the brain activity is changing.

Neurotherapy Uses in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Neurotherapy in Bloomfield Hills Michigan can be used to understand why symptoms of anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, and a variety of other symptoms are occurring. Neurotherapy treatments are unique to each patient based on how their brain is responding to the feedback. Neurotherapy in Bloomfield Hills Michigan is a good option for patients who do not respond well to traditional medication or who are looking for an alternative to improve brain function and reduce stress.

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