COVID 19 is Overshadowing Other Health ProblemsAs we all took shelter in our homes, and then began venturing out again, the main focus on health problems has been about COVID 19. However, people continue to suffer from preexisting conditions (and newly developed ones) keeping them from feeling their best. We are here to help with those issues, even while COVID 19 is still a concern. To minimize safety risks, we have made the appropriate changes to our clinic and procedures. While the safety of our staff and our patients is our primary concern, we also care about helping people manage and overcome other conditions that are taking away from their enjoyment of life.   

Alternative Medicine is Our Specialty

We believe that the body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself when given the right conditions and fuel to do so. That is why we offer alternative medicine treatments that have shown promise in helping patients with chronic pain, inflammatory diseases, skin conditions, cardiovascular conditions and more. 

Previous Injuries and Pain

The outbreak of the pandemic put the brakes on the treatment of some non-life-threatening conditions and restricted access to many non-essential health services. We are fortunate to be able to begin providing our services again to offer relief to people with health problems who have been waiting.      

Changes in Habits Have Caused More Illness

We have all changed our habits in some way, due to the stay at home orders. Many people have become more sedentary. Others have gone to the opposite extreme and resolved to start new exercise regimes without proper consideration. In both cases, back pain, joint pains, strains and muscle pain are becoming common occurrences.  

As We Find Our New Normal

As people leave their homes again, going back to rigorous physical activity may reactivate injuries or cause new ones. Many people find they lack the energy to get back to normal. Alternative medicine treatments such as high dose ozone can help restore energy, boost the immune response and make you feel more like your pre-pandemic self.

Take Care of Your Skin Again

Have you been looking forward to finally getting a haircut? Those who take good care of their skin are also looking forward to facials and other skincare treatments. Well-nourished, younger-looking skin looks beautiful and can help improve your mood. We are also able to, once again, perform Ultra V Lift treatments and PCL thread lifts to firm and tighten skin.    

Safety Comes First

Alternative medicine can be done safely in our clinics. We are taking steps to ensure that patients and staff are protected by following the protocols set out by public health authorities and making some minor changes to our clinics and procedures. However, we are able to offer our full range of regenerative medicine therapies to address health problems and offer skincare treatments at this time. We welcome you to call us for an appointment.