Detroit Michigan Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy Detriot Michigan

Prolotherapy is a treatment used to heal damaged tendons, ligaments or joints that have been compromised due to injury or aging. Prolotherapy is also known as regenerative injection therapy or proliferation therapy, and relieves pain through an injection of an irritant solution, often a sugar called dextrose, around the injured area. Prolotherapy is based on the idea of the body being able to heal itself, thus the solution acts a stimulant for the body to begin regenerating new tissues. The solution injection stimulates an increase in blood flow to the area around the injury, jump starting the regeneration of tissues.

Prolotherapy Uses in Detriot Michigan

Prolotherapy is used to permanently relieve low back pain, joint pains, tendonitis, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis and many sports related injuries. Prolotherapy treatment sessions are typically 30 minutes long and are repeated every 2-6 weeks for several months, depending on the patient and the rate of his or her improvement.

American Regenerative Clinic

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