High-frequency focused ultrasound (HIFU) has been used extensively as a minimally invasive way to treat certain forms of cancer. HIFU can also be used safely and effectively in medical aesthetic treatments to achieve anti-aging effects on the face and neck. At American Regenerative Clinic, we offer Ultra V HIFU Lifting, which firms and tightens skin, reducing the effects of aging without surgery. Here are five facts to know about Ultra V Face Lift. Ultra V Lift with HIFU Works by Damaging Cells While damaging cells around the face doesn't sound like a good idea, in fact, the damage helps stimulate the growth and regeneration of collagen fibres and new cells. HIFU targets the layers of the skin below the surface. It does so by heating cells rapidly, which causes damage. The damage triggers collagen fiber production, which provides added structure and elasticity to the skin. The Treatment is Painless HIFU is delivered directly through the top layers of skin, without needles or incisions. No anesthetics or numbing cream is needed. After the 15-30 minute procedure, patients sometimes feel mild stiffness or throbbing, which soon dissipates. Recovery Time is Short Unlike surgery, after which the recovery time for incisions to heal can take weeks or months, there is virtually no downtime after Ultra V HIFU Lift treatments. Because HIFU does not damage the surface of the skin, routine activities such as washing the face and applying makeup are still possible. The Effects are Noticeable Immediately Most patients see a difference in the appearance of their skin immediately after treatment. Skin is firmer and smoother. Over the next few weeks, patients may feel a tightening sensation as collagen regenerates. The full result is realized one to three months after treatment. Ultra V HIFU has Lasting Effects Most patients find that the face lifting effects of HIFU last about six months. However, the result can vary depending on the overall condition of the skin. Repeated treatment every six months to one year will keep skin looking younger and healthier. Ultra V HIFU face lifting is a fast, effective and painless alternative to surgery for patients experiencing some sagging or sinking of the skin. Call us for a consultation to learn whether Ultra V HIFU Face Lifting is the right procedure for you.