Top 3 Recommended Services and Treatments for Men

Mens Facial and ED shot Bloomfield HIllsWhile medical spas, treatments, and skincare have been largely marketed towards women, the industry has been increasingly recognizing the needs of men over the past few years. As well, the stigma around men who are looking to improve or pamper themselves through aesthetic and other treatments continues to diminish over time and more men are being celebrated in taking steps toward self-care. To that end, we have put together our top 3 recommended services and treatments that we consider a must-try for men.

  1. Masculine Facial for Men

The Masculine Facial for Men is tailored to fit the skincare needs of every man. What do most men’s skin suffer from? An active lifestyle (sweat + exposure to the elements), stress (work and personal), lack of sleep, and frequent shaving (which is likely the most differentiating factor between men’s skincare and women’s). This facial creates masks which are blended together using the most effective and natural products, and will help to relax and reduce stress, as well as refresh the skin and provide much needed nutrients to leave you looking your best. Facials can be as good for the skin as they are for the mind.

  1. Thread Lifting

Thread Lifting is a non-surgical facelift performed using tiny surgical sutures or threads. The newest absorbable PCL threads allow lifts to last longer, look better and have a continuous effect as your body produces new bundles of collagen which surround each thread and in turn creates a subtle yet effective lift. PRP and Ozone are also injected to increase the effects of the lifting treatment. The result is a very natural looking rejuvenated and refreshed look. This is a no-scar treatment as well. Thread lifting is best suited to men between the ages of 25 and 70 and is most effective on skin that has minimal sagging. It offers the best results on cheeks, brows, and the neck area, and is a more effective and long-lasting option to Botox and other fillers. It’s a great option for men who do not want to go a surgical route when it comes to facelift options, and results vary depending on age and how much sagging is present. Results can last for up to 3 years! 

  1. Erectile Dysfunction – ED Shot

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual disorder amongst men. If you suffer from ED, you know that it can cause serious damage to a man’s self-esteem and that of his partner. It can develop due to hormonal deficiency, disorders of the neural system, lack of adequate penile blood supply, or psychological issues. Recently, stem cell therapies have been given more attention due to their potential to restore erectile function and reverse its cause. The ED Shot is a procedure that consists of combining your own adult stem cells from bone marrow or fat with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Stem cells use the body’s own natural reparative factors to repair injured tissues and boost the natural healing process of the body. Results are usually visible in 2 to 4 weeks and improve gradually over the course of a few months with improvement in erections and performance, and the results can last for several years. The stigma around ED has lessened over time and there are viable treatment options available so it is worth asking a medical professional how it can be improved.

Call us at American Regenerative Clinic if you have questions about the ED shot or any of these treatments we will find the one that’s right for you.

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