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There is a big myth circulating around the beauty industry that states that natural skin products simply aren’t effective. Fortunately, consumers are now starting to realize that natural products are more than just a clever marketing plan, and that they aren’t only non toxic, but they also work very well! Beauty brand, Elina Organics, understands that the skin on our bodies absorbs nearly 60% of everything it comes in contact with, allowing harmful chemicals to move more freely past the outside layers of our skin. It is for this reason that American Regenerative Clinic is proud to offer our patients natural skin care products that are both effective and safe for the environment. If you reside in the areas of Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Troy, Birmingham, Bingham Farms, Farmington, Farmington Hills, and you are looking for an organic skin care product, then you have come to the gith place! In this blog, we take a look at some of the advantages that can be experienced with using organic skin care products!

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Why buy Elina Organic Products?…

We understand that commonly, it is cheaper to buy a synthetic, toxic ingredient that it is to buy a natural, effective substance such as plant or food grade nutrients. However, if you are tired of wasting your money on these products that just don’t provide yo the results you are looking for, it could be time to try something else. Elina Organics Products are made from all natural, organic ingredients! They are also bio-energized, which allows for the maximum absorption of healthy ingredients into your skin. Your face is your money maker as they say! So why use products with harmful ingredients, when you can choose something natural, safe, and still very effective?

Will I experience fast results?…

One of the largest benefits of using Elina Organic Products is the time in which you will start to see results! With powerful natural ingredients, you can see and feel a difference in your skin after just one use in most cases. Nobody wants to purchase overpriced products made with toxic chemicals, and have to use it over and over again without seeing results. With Elina Organic Products, you won’t have this issue!

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