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After having spent the last several months hiding away in our homes, have you kept up your skincare regimen as well as you could have? Without the need to socialize, or even go outside, many of us have been lax with our routines or felt there were other priorities. But skincare is not a luxury. It is an integral part of taking care of yourself and feeling your best. It is time to start thinking about your skin again. Here are a few ways that you can pamper and treat your skin to help you look and feel more like yourself. 

Herbal Facial Treatments

While this summer is different than any other in recent memory, it is still summertime. Exposure to the intense summer sun can be very draining and damaging to your skin. Give your skin the gift of a nourishing facial using a natural serum formulated to reduce the effects of sun damage. A proper facial treatment should always include an exfoliation step to remove dead skin cells, and a facial massage to release the tension in the face that causes fine lines to be more visible. 

Use All Natural Products

Skincare products made from all-natural ingredients are better for your skin than chemicals, which may have a short term effect but can ultimately damage the skin. Look for products that are made with ingredients you would not hesitate to put into your body such as fruits, vegetables and other plants. Your skin will be more receptive to the treatment, and gain a greater benefit from it than from a harsh chemical that is foreign to your skin. 

Non-Surgical Face Lifting Techniques 

The aging process never stops, however, you can outpace it without the need for painful facelift surgery. There are many techniques using ultraviolet light, lasers, ultrasonic waves and radio-frequency to stimulate the production of collagen and cell growth under the skin. Many of these treatments result in visibly firmer skin right away. 

Taking care of your skin is as good for your well-being as it for your appearance. Glowing, well-nourished and healthy skin can boost your mood and your confidence as you ease back into the world. Call us to book an appointment for one of our all-natural facial treatments, or for a consultation on non-surgical face lifting procedures.   

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