Functional Medicine at American Regenerative’s Bloomfield Hills Location

Functional MedicineIf you’re looking for “regenerative medicine near me” and live near Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, you’re in luck! There’s an American Regenerative location in Bloomfield Hills which bases all regenerative medicine practices on a functional medicine approach. We believe in functional medicine at the Bloomfield Hills location, and all locations of the American Regenerative Clinic, and believe that treating the whole patient allows them to live fuller, better lives. At the core of regenerative medicine is a functional medicine approach. Functional medicine involves looking at each patient holistically and taking a systems-oriented approach which allows practitioners and patients to collaborate on addressing the underlying causes of their disease, ailments, or symptoms.

What Exactly is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a type of biomedical research approach. At the American Regenerative clinics, we incorporate the idea of stimulating the body’s own healing processes to repair tissues, organs, and establish normal functions. It works by regenerating human cells, so the body can establish normal functions.

There are three approaches to regenerative medicine that are offered at the American Regenerative clinics. These include rejuvenation, regeneration, and replacement. In the rejuvenation approach, the physician will stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This is where we see ozone therapy benefits for example. Regeneration involves depositing specific cells into dead or damaged organs, so they form into the cells needed to specifically heal that area. This would be something like stem cell treatments. Finally, replacement involves replacing dead cells, organs, or tissues from a deceased donor.

What if I’m Looking for Facials Near Me?

Not to worry, here at the American Regenerative Clinic, we like to care for our patients both inside and outside! If you’re looking for “facials near me” and live in the Bloomfield Hills area, we have you covered. We offer many types of facials from regular hydrating facials to the best acne scar treatments, to the ultra v lift facial at Bloomfield Hills (more on that below). We also use Elina Organics products, which are free from harmful chemicals or solvents found in other beauty products on the market today and are made from all-natural, organic ingredients. They can also be purchased online! As functional medicine goes, we will always consult with our patients ahead of time to make sure whichever treatment you’re getting is exactly right for you, your skin type, and what you’re looking to get out of the treatment.

What is Ultra V Lift?

If you’re thinking about getting a facelift, but want to stay away from surgical options, Ultra V HIFU (High-frequency focused ultrasound) Plus Lifting could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for! It is used to achieve anti-aging effects on the face and neck and firms and tightens skin, reducing the effects of aging without surgery.

Ultra V Lift with HIFU at our Bloomfield Hills location works by targeting the layers of the skin below the surface. It does so by heating cells rapidly, which causes damage. The damage triggers collagen fiber production, which provides added structure and elasticity to the skin. It is delivered directly through the top layers of skin, without needles or incisions, and no anesthetics or numbing cream is needed. Plus, there is virtually no downtime after Ultra V Lift treatments. Because HIFU does not damage the surface of the skin, routine activities such as washing the face and applying makeup are still possible, even on the same day of the treatment.

Are you interested in exploring more options for regenerative and functional medicine at our Bloomfield Hills location? Call us to book a consultation with Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky to learn more.

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