Are You Reactive or Proactive with Your Health?

Most people do not pay attention to their bodies until there is a problem.

While we may visit the doctor for checkups but if we are not paying attention to our bodies, we will not know what to ask. If we are not asking the right questions, we are not proactive. Many people have a false sense of security regarding their health. They feel that since they overall feel healthy that on the inside everything must be okay. This proves wrong for too many people – forcing them to react in the moment to their health situations. We have so many ways to improve our health, improve our performance, and stave off aging. Why wouldn’t you be proactive with your health?

Going to local supplement isle will only rack up a big shopping bill for a basket of guesses – at best. In fact, most people who find themselves there are reacting to health concerns. Testing vitamins on yourself can be risky, too. Water-soluble vitamins will never cause an overdose, but fat-soluble vitamins can. Likewise, you can combine herbs that offset each other or that strengthen each other. You are your doctor’s best asset in diagnosing you, which means that you must notice symptoms.

Your body does not have the disadvantages in diagnostics that you have consciously. Your body contains all the information you need to diagnose diseases early. However, you cannot even begin if you do not think you need to. In being proactive with your health, you avoid some problems and catch others early. The key is in reading the data your body has within itself. At American Regenerative Clinic, we can help you do just that.

There are many specialized regenerative treatments to improve your health proactively. The key to maintaining and prolonging good health is in prevention. By treating you as a whole person – not a different set of symptoms each time, you come in. Finding a doctor with a holistic view and creating a collaborative relationship with them is often hard to do.

Functional Medicine is the answer, created around this type of holistic ideology. By utilizing new technologies and old techniques, functional medicine promotes proactive healthy people. Meanwhile, traditional medicine serves to treat illnesses reactively.

We know that early detection is the most critical factor in the treatment of almost any disease. It should stand to reason that regular health assessments are crucial. That being aware of your health more than just twice a year, is imperative. Functional medicine promotes a collaborative relationship between doctor and patient, putting you at the forefront of your treatment.

Science has produced incredible technological advances in recent years. Medicine has advanced by its side, utilizing new technologies alongside old. Being proactive in your health has never been easier. Find out more today.

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