At American Regenerative Clinic, we offer joint pain treatment solutions that complement existing regenerative systems within the body. We are passionate about natural medicine and helping our clients live a healthier life, free from pain. If you suffer from chronic pain and have not responded well to traditional medicine, consider an alternative approach. In this article by American Regenerative Clinic, we talk about two incredibly effective techniques for joint pain treatment: High does ozone therapy -10 pass and prolozone therapy. Read on for more information!

Benefits of High Dose Ozone

High dose ozone therapy is a treatment to improve the body’s intake of oxygen and activate the immune system. Research shows that ozone (O3) gas has many therapeutic effects and is especially helpful for reducing inflammation and pain in the body. Other positive effects of ozone treatment include a boost in energy, better sleep, and healthier nails and skin. High dose ozone administered intravenously has been known to improve circulation and oxygenate the body.

To learn more about the history of ozone therapy, click here.

High Doze Ozone Therapy

High Doze Ozone Therapy is an advanced way to administer ozone. It is very popular in Europe and quickly becoming popular in the United States. Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky of American Regenerative clinic is specially trained in this technique and offers the newest High Doze Ozone Therapy equipment to help out our patients. To learn more about high dose ozone therapy, click here.

Prolozone Therapy

The body uses natural healing mechanisms like stem cells to repair damaged tissue and joints. But sometimes these healing mechanisms stop working and the result is chronic pain and discomfort.

Prolozone therapy is a proven way to help damaged tissue and joints and to alleviate pain. It is a combination of prolotherapy and high dose ozone therapy, administered by injecting anti-inflammatory medications, vitamins, minerals, and ozone into the area of pain. A boost of nutrition and oxygen is provided directly to the affected area, promoting healing and regrowth to begin. To learn more about prolozone therapy, click here.

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