Ozone gas therapy is used for its numerous health benefits, and is a form of alternative medicine. It is rapidly gaining popularity because of it effectiveness on helping people overcome a number of health problems. This treatment can also be used on its own, or combined with other forms of treatment, so it is very versatile. At American Regenerative Clinic, we take natural health and regenerative medicine very seriously. We are dedicated to helping you live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilled life! We help people with injuries causing joint pain and inflammation, skin care issues, and nutrition. Our body has the ability to heal itself, and we provide the regenerative care to achieve optimal health!

More about Ozone Therapy…

Ozone Therapy is used worldwide as a treatment for restoring the body back to its original condition before an injury or illness that is causing pain and inflammation. In simpler terms: It’s used as an alternative form of medicine for healing. Many people are not aware that our bodies naturally produce ozone, however, if the immune system is weakened by a lack of oxygen, it can begin to struggle with things like bacteria, viruses, and autoimmune disease. It is for this reason that ozone therapy is deployed as an effective treatment.

Ozone for medical use is created by passing oxygen through an electrical coil. A rather simple process, but once completed, it can be effective with fighting off viruses, fungi, bacterial infections, cancer cells, joint and muscle pain, and resolve eye and skin conditions.

What is High Dose Ozone Therapy?…

One high dose ozone therapy treatment is equivalent to 10 hyperbaric MAH treatments. This treatment involves withdrawing blood from the patient’s vein and mixing it with ozone, which kills microbes and cleanses the blood. The blood is then injected back into the patient through the same vein. This whole process takes about 1-2 hours, but the blood mixing with ozone takes about 10 minutes, which is why it is referred to as high dose ozone therapy.

Is Ozone Therapy Similar to Prolotherapy?…

Ozone Therapy and Prolotherapy are not the same thing, however, they can both be used to treat inflammation and joint pain. Prolotherapy is safe, non-invasive, and affordable for those that need pain medication or steroid shots. The treatment gained its name because of how it promotes the growth and formation of new collagen fibers. When you have weak tendons and ligaments, a painful pull or strain, and even inflammation can occur. Prolotherapy treatments are used to strengthen these weak areas and restore mobility and flexibility. It differs from Ozone Therapy by the way that it is administered and what the blood is mixed with.

Nobody likes to experience joint pain and inflammation, and certainly nobody likes to deal with symptoms caused by chronic illnesses. Maybe it’s time to consider Ozone Therapy for yourself.

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