Holistic Skin Care Pros and Cons

Holistic Skin Care is based on a philosophy of keeping the whole body in balance and functioning at the optimum wellness all around. That being said, holistic skin care is about treating the skin as a part of the whole body, not as a separate entity. This skin care philosophy treats the outer appearance of the skin as a reflection of the internal health of the whole body. It is also about keeping the products used on the skin organic and free of harsh chemicals that can harm the skin and body, even minutely.

There are many benefits to holistic skin care, one of them being that the products usually are simpler and have fewer ingredients, they also are required to be pesticide free. These ingredients are usually plant based and use natural oils and butters so it’s easy to know what you are putting on your skin. These treatments and products are also good for people with sensitive skin, because of the lack of chemicals, and are easier on our bodies. There are also downsides however, for example sometimes the ingredients are hard to decipher at first glance. It is also usually more expensive since it doesn’t use cheap chemicals.

Are you interested in holistic skin care? If you are thinking about it you should schedule an appointment with the doctor to discuss the many options available. Here at American Regenerative Clinic we care about our patients and strive to administer only the highest possible quality of care, from facials to lip and eye treatments and so much more. Our skin care services include facials, non-invasive face lifts, and many more. To learn more about Microneedling and the rest of our services give us a call at (248) 876-4242.

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