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View this wonderful video testimonial from our patient after Stem Cell & PRP treatments.

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The All Natural Solution to Pain, Beauty and Wellness

At American Regenerative Clinic we are passionate about regenerative medicine, natural health, and helping you live a healthier, more natural, pain-free life.  From joint problems and injuries, to skincare and nutrition, we know your body has an amazing ability to heal and rejuvenate itself – when provided with the proper regenerative care.

Cutting Edge Treatments for Injuries and Chronic Pain

Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky is one of a select few of doctors in Michigan, trained and certified in regenerative treatments such as Prolotherapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections, and Progenitor Cell Injections.  As well as one of a select few nationwide, trained and certified in Neural Prolotherapy.  All of our regenerative treatments are safe and effective as well as drug-free and non-invasive, helping your body heal and rejuvenate naturally.