Thinking about how to improve your skin? As we age, gravity takes its toll and our skin becomes thinner, develops lines and wrinkles, and begins to sag over time. No one particularly enjoys this and it has become more and more common to look for ways to reverse the process of aging. There are day creams, night creams, exercises, sleep practices, and more that promise tight and smooth skin. But when most people consider drastically reversing the aging process, their minds automatically leap to surgical options. Facelifts, eye lifts, lip injections, and botox have become the norm in our society obsessed with youth. But as medical aesthetics develop over time, there are non-surgical options to consider for improving the look of your skin as well!

1. Ultra V Lift and Its Reverse-Aging Effects

Let’s start with one of the most impressive non-surgical facelift options in the market. High-frequency focused ultrasound (HIFU) has been used extensively as a minimally invasive way to treat certain forms of cancer. Meanwhile, HIFU can also be used safely and effectively in medical aesthetic treatments to achieve anti-aging effects on the face and neck. At American Regenerative Clinic, we offer Ultra V HIFU Lifting, which firms and tightens skin, reducing the effects of aging without surgery. 

The Ultra V Lift with HIFU treatment at our Bloomfield Hills location works by targeting the layers of the skin below the surface. It does so by heating cells rapidly, which causes damage. The damage triggers collagen fiber production, which provides added structure and elasticity to the skin. It is delivered directly through the top layers of skin, without needles or incisions, and no anesthetics or numbing cream is needed.

Ultra V Lift’s benefits are that it is clinically proven to be a safe and effective way to treat the outer signs of aging on your face, neck, and decollete. It is a cost-effective alternative to a surgical facelift, with many of the same results. There is also zero downtime post-procedure, which is far superior to the time it takes to heal from a medical procedure like a surgical facelift. You can be back to work and your home life in no time with Ultra V Lift!

2. PRP Injections for the Face: Looking Great at Any Age

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) can not only be used to heal damaged bone and soft tissue and to alleviate chronic pain but it can also be used to regenerate facial tissue! PRP injections for the face involve taking a small sample of blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to concentrate and separate the platelets and plasma. The concentrated sample is then applied all over the face to improve your skin.

Platelets contain growth factors and proteins which activate stem cells already present in the skin. These are very important in the repair and regeneration of the tissue. PRP injections for the face encourage the growth of cells and lead to the development of new collagen, thereby giving your face a younger look.

3. Mesotherapy Lipodissolve: A Great Alternative to Liposuction

Mesotherapy lipodissolve injections are a minimally invasive procedure for unwanted fat deposits and a great alternative to surgical liposuction. Whether it’s reducing cellulite, tightening your abdomen post-baby, taking care of stubborn love handles, bra bulge, or double chin, we have you covered. In fact, lipodissolve’s before and after effects on cellulite is superior to liposuction as liposuction can often make cellulite more prominent. While liposuction removes fat cells, mesotherapy lipodissolve injections remove the fat from the fat cells, which is safer and more effective.

Mesotherapy lipodissolve injections involve injecting homeopathic medicine, vitamins, plant extracts, or other substances directly into cells under the skin. It works by breaking up fat in cells, which is then excreted through the body via the lymphatic system. Patients can expect zero downtime, minimal bruising, and pain, and can maintain their cellulite and fat loss with proper nutrition and exercise.

If you’re thinking about non-surgical options to improve your skin, call to book a consultation with Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky to find out which treatments may be right for you.