IV Laser Therapy: IVs have commonly been known as something patients need when they’re in the hospital. They’re rarely associated in everyday culture as a treatment option for healthy living. But the truth is injection therapies have become widespread in the regenerative medicine space and have grown extensively over the past couple of decades. We’re here to introduce you to a few injection therapies that can help with a range of ailments (and even have anti-aging benefits!).

Ozone Therapies and Ozone Therapy Benefits

Did you know that ozone therapies have been around for over 150 years? Ozone can increase tissue oxygenation by infusing the mitochondria with oxygen, resulting in increased energy. Ozone also enhances blood flow, which relieves pain and inflammation. At the American Regenerative Clinic, you can explore a few different ozone injection therapies.

High Dose Ozone supplies nearly 50 times the amount of ozone of regular intravenous ozone therapy and can have positive effects on circulation and immunity. High Dose Ozone also stimulates the production of new stem cells, activates existing ones, and kills bacteria and viruses.

Then, there is Prolozone therapy, a regenerative therapy used for any type of joint pain or injury. Prolozone can literally regrow, or make new tissue, giving a joint/muscle/ligament an opportunity to regenerate.

The latest ozone therapy is EBOO. What is EBOO? EBOO stands for Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation. It is the most advanced form of ozone treatment available today. EBOO ozone blood dialysis is a unique form of ozone therapy that heals and detoxifies by stimulating oxygen metabolism, activating the immune system, and eliminating viruses, fungi, bacteria, yeast, and protozoa.

Secondary ozone therapy side effects include healthy hair and nails, healthy and radiant skin, improved energy levels, and deeper, more restful sleep. It also does not deplete the body of important electrolytes and other micronutrients.

The ozone treatment that would be recommended for you depends on a multitude of factors that our team can uncover during the consultation portion of your visits to the American Regenerative Clinic. Ozone therapy benefits are vast so talk to us about which could be right for you!

The Benefits of IV Laser Therapy and How It Works

Intravenous Laser Blood Irradiation Therapy, better known as Intravenous Laser Therapy or ILIB, is a procedure which exposes the patient’s blood to low levels of laser radiation in order to stimulate changes in the interactions of molecules like lipid-water, protein-water, and lipid-protein in the blood. This procedure has been documented to stimulate metabolism, immune protection, increase resistance to germs, dehydration and thrombolytic activity, analgesic effect, and anti-inflammatory activity.

The procedure works by a laser light being delivered via an optical fibre intravenous catheter, which is inserted into the forearm or back of the hand. The treatment is typically 15-30 minutes long and is repeated every day for 7-12 days. Different coloured laser lights are proven to have different effects, and more is being discovered as the procedures continue to gain in popularity.

Not only is IV laser therapy showing promising results for people with forms of arthritis, skin conditions, periodontal disease, and more, but studies are showing the treatment also has anti-aging effects as well such as reducing the appearance of scars and eliminating wrinkles.

If you’re interested in discussing any of our ozone therapies further, call us to book a consultation with Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky.