Non-Surgical Facelift: Why Do You Need One?

The process of aging is completely natural. There are many ways to determine the age of a
person. Looking at their face is one of them. Of course, this is usually the first thing that people
see when they meet each other. Just because the process of aging is natural, this does not
mean that we cannot slow it down or prevent premature aging. One of the simplest ways to do
this is with the help of non-surgical facelift.
Surgical vs. non-surgical facelift
According to the statistics, there were over 16 million surgical cosmetic procedures including
facelifts in the US in 2016. (1) This number is growing every year, but what is interesting is that
the number of non-surgical facelift procedures is growing too. It is not an exaggeration to say
that non-surgical procedures are actually becoming more popular than their surgical
counterpart. Before we go into details, let us define non-surgical facelift. This is a type of facelift
conducted in a non-invasive, safe way. Many different treatments belong to this category.
A Few Reasons Why Non Surgical Facelift is a Smart Choice
A low risk rate
Surgeons often divide surgeries into two groups – small and major surgeries. However, the fact
is that no surgery is a small surgery because even the least complicated one brings a myriad of
potential side effects and complications. This is something that you cannot expect from non-
surgical facelifts. With these treatments, you should not expect side effects. There is no risk of
blood clots, failures, scarring or similar problems.
An affordable solution
Another thing that we should mention is that non-surgical facelift is a more affordable solution
compared to any other facial rejuvenation option out there. The procedure itself comes with a
fixed price and what is even better is that there are no expenses once you are done with it. In
other words, you will not need expensive cosmetics that are usually needed weeks after the
surgery. This is quite natural because the recovery process is quick and smooth. Needless to
say, you probably will not need any medications afterwards.
A wide range of procedures
Thanks to modern technology and medicine, doctors specialized in the field of non-surgical
facelifts and regenerative medicines have access to a wide array of facelifts. For instance, many
of them are using prolotherapy based on patient’s own blood. With this therapy, they are
healing the traces of aging and making the face look younger. Additionally, the best clinics

focused on non-surgical skin treatments are offering services like stem cells therapy, perineural
therapy, ozone therapy Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy and more.
Non-surgical facelift – rejuvenation at its best
As you can see, a non-surgical facelift is a safe, effective and versatile procedure. Exposure to
different elements, pollution, hormones, bad habits, genetics – all these things make our skin
age and the negative effects are usually clearly visible on our face.
Today, luckily, the facelift procedure is not necessarily associated with a plastic surgery, a
procedure that has proven to be expensive and potentially dangerous. The emergence of non-
surgical facelift has made many people forget about surgeries and focus on alternative methods
that are inexpensive, efficient, risk-free and do not require a long recovery time. Most of these
procedures are FDA-approved too.
As previously mentioned, a non-surgical facelift is a non-invasive or minimally invasive
technique that makes the skin tighter and smoother. So, this facelift represents an excellent
option for coping with the signs of aging. With a proper procedure, you will be able to reduce
wrinkles and even fine lines, but you can also enhance skin tone and lift the jowls too. The final
result is a younger-looking and fresher version of you.
In order to get the most from a procedure like this, it is crucial to use a reputable clinic. The
American Regenerative Clinic led by Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky is an excellent example of a clinic
like this. They use the latest technology and innovations related to regenerative medicine for
the ultimate results.
(1) statistics

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