Nutritional Consultations

Here at American Regenerative Clinic we believe in living the natural way, meaning no chemicals and no additives.  Our goal is to help each and every patient feel their very best through our all natural treatments.  But in order to get maximum results from our pain-management and aesthetics treatments it’s important to have proper nutrition.  Nutrition goes beyond dieting, it is not calorie counting or restricting your diet.  True nutrition focuses on nourishing your body by eating a healthy balanced diet comprised of whole foods.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Our body’s proper function depends on a myriad of processes carried out every second; these processes fully depend on the availability of required nutrients.  When there is a gap between what our body needs and what we are giving it, the body manifests in disease.  Similarly, when we continuously put things into our body that it cannot process, it hinders its efficiency through toxicity.

This manifests in everything from pain, headaches, low energy to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Our dedicated nutritionist will work with you one-on-one to create a customized nutrition plan to fit your unique lifestyle and needs, to empower you to make healthy choices in your daily life.  We look at a functional medicine model of nutrition- one that emphasizes the underlying causes of symptoms.  We form therapeutic partnerships with the client to get the underlying root cause of dysfunction, looking at everything from toxicity, food intolerance, genetic predispositions to gut health and proper whole food nutrition.

Whether you are experiencing…

  • Pain caused by degeneration of a new injury
  • Want to feel to look and feel younger
  • Low Energy
  • Moodiness
  • Poor Concentration
  • Sluggishness
  • Digestive Issues
  • Impaired Sugar-Handling
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Dieting but cannot lose weight
  • Confusion on healthy eating

A nutritional consultation at American Regenerative Clinic will help!

To aid in your nutritional journey we offer Standard Process supplements to fill in the nutritional gaps. Standard Process is not found in stores and we are proud to offer it to all of our clients as a superior alternative to store bought vitamins. Standard Process is a whole food vitamin supplement, meaning it contains all of the vitamin and mineral complexes found in food; not just isolated chemicals

made in a laboratory. This allows your body to recognize the nutrients and fully absorb them, giving you the most benefit.

This is a slow medicine form of healing. We are not masking symptoms with medications but adjusting lifestyle choices to promote health- this takes time, patience, and will-power. We look forward to working with you in your health journey and aim to provide support and education through every stage.

If you are ready to make a change to feel better and take back your life without all the stress associated with fad dieting, please call us today to set up a consultation!

PRP and Nutrition

When visiting Dr. Andrey, whether for pain management injections or aesthetics, consider how you can prolong the effects with proper nutrition. Nutrition goes beyond dieting, it is not calorie counting or restricting your body. True nutrition focuses on nourishing your body by eating a balanced diet comprised of whole foods.

For maximum results with our pain-management services it is important to consider the role of proper nutrition in the body’s healing process. These procedures rely on the body’s own capabilities to heal and regenerate tissues; processes that are inherently controlled through nutrition. It is important to provide the building blocks your body needs to carry out the healing process, while avoiding those that will hinder it. A one-on-one appointment with our nutritionist will help pin-point diet problem areas and recommend a diet and supplementation program specific to your procedure.