Our Final 5 Ways to Keep Winter Skin Glowing

5 ways to keep winter skin glowingHere it is – our third and final part of our winter skin glow blog series! Throughout this series, we have been imparting our wisdom on how best to keep your skin glowing and moisturized all through the dryness and cold of winter. Since we’re in the thick of the season now, we have some final tips and tricks to keep you informed and keep that winter skin looking beautiful.

1. Employ the 2-Minute Rule When It Comes to Moisturizing

In today’s society, we have become experts when it comes to counting how long we do certain things in everyday routines. We have become accustomed to counting 20-30 seconds when washing our hands, and we have toothbrushes that can count for 2 minutes when brushing our teeth. There’s a 2-minute rule you can apply to moisturizing as well. You should try to apply your moisturizing lotion within two minutes of leaving the shower or bath each time you bathe. This allows the moisturizing cream to lock in the moisture already on your skin from bathing before it evaporates. This is a good rule in winter especially because the dry air in our homes can steal our moisture much quicker than other times of the year.

2. Choose Corrective, Moisture-Rich Facials

As you know, winter is the perfect time for some restorative facials. Most skin procedures’ best results come from performing them on skin that hasn’t been sunkissed for a while. Therefore, the darker months of winter are a great time to correct some of the sun damage we may have caused during the sunnier months of the year. 

The Mermaid Face Lift Treatment with Crushed Sea Pearls and Natural Peptides from the American Regenerative Clinic for example is the perfect winter getaway in a facial. It works best for aging, sun-damaged, or dry skin. The facial uses a combination of exfoliation, natural peptides, a rejuvenating mask delivered via electrophoresis, and wonderful moisturizers to leave skin hydrated and firmer after a single treatment.

3. Switch Up Your Routine

It can be easy to find a product or two that you like and that works well for your skin and then be tempted to continue using those products for months or even years on end. But just like most things in life, you need to switch up your skincare routine once in a while to keep things fresh. The reality is that you’ll notice the products you once loved become less effective for your skin over time because you become immune to the effects of the specific formulas. For your skin to not become acclimated to your favorite products, try introducing some new formulas to your routine when the seasons change. 

4. Use Natural Wax to Lock in Moisture

If you’ve never used beeswax or other natural plant and animal-based waxes, you’re in for a treat. Wax helps to create a protective film over your skin which helps prevent water loss from within your skin and seal moisture in. You can use wax on your skin as well as on your lips to lock in moisture. These products are especially helpful for those cold, winter walks or winter activities outdoors!

5. Sleep, Water, and Lots of Fruits and Veggies

As always, if we take care of ourselves inside, our outward appearance usually follows. Getting enough sleep every night is crucial to good circulation and great-looking skin. They call it “beauty sleep” for a reason! Second, drink plenty of water. It can often slip our minds to stay hydrated in the winter because we’re not dealing with the heat of the warmer weather, but staying hydrated is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Lastly, eating your fruits and vegetables is a general rule for a healthy body and lifestyle, but it can also positively impact your skin. Nutrients like vitamin C and carotenoids (which are generally the red, yellow, and orange fruits and veggies) are crucial to a healthy glow so stock up during the winter months. Soups and stews are often great and warm ways to get your daily intake of vegetables in.

American Regenerative Clinic is here to help get you and your skin through the cold winter months. Contact us to book an appointment or if you have questions about any of our treatments.

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