10 Pass Ozone Therapy vs. Regular Ozone Therapy vs. EBOO – Which One is Right for You?

Benefits of ozone therapy for youPerhaps by now, you’ve heard of ozone therapies as they continue to grow in popularity over time in North America and around the world. Medical professionals worldwide are seeing the benefits of this advanced therapy as more practitioners are taking a functional medicine approach to their practices. The American Regenerative Clinic stands firmly in the belief that a functional medicine approach is the best approach to assisting patients in lasting wellbeing. But which ozone therapy might be the right one for you?

What Does It Mean to Practice Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is essentially a patient-centered approach to treatment. It allows practitioners and patients to work in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease. Functional medicine seeks to understand the diagnosis from a holistic standpoint, taking things like lifestyle and habits into consideration when working towards a treatment plan.

Practitioners typically take the first appointment to dive deep into the patient’s medical history, family, lifestyle, habits, etc. While the cause of a certain health condition can lie deep within an individual, it can be hidden in a patient’s lifestyle or genetics. The openness and communication between practitioners and patients allow our patients to feel like they are an active part of their recovery. Therefore, they will hopefully be more successful in following the treatment plan decided upon and feel better more quickly as a result.

The Difference Between Regular and High Dose Ozone Therapies

Ozone therapies are an innovative, non-invasive approach to stimulating the body’s natural healing process. It aids the body’s own healing powers to strengthen weakened areas in order to improve mobility and reduce pain.

Intravenous ozone therapy, or prolozone therapy, works by injecting ozone directly into an affected area of the body and allowing it to improve the intake of oxygen and give the immune system a boost. This boost allows the immune system to begin the process of repairing the infected or damaged cells in the body. The benefits include reduced swelling, reduced pain and inflammation in joints, limiting damage in the affected area, improving circulation, accelerated healing, slowing the effects of damage from disease, improving quality of life, and improving mobility, to name a few.

High dose ozone therapy supplies the body with nearly 50 times the amount of ozone of a regular intravenous ozone therapy treatment. This style of treatment uses a 10-pass method of ozone administration which provides a larger amount of ozone to the body in a shorter amount of time. 10 Pass ozone therapy can therefore reach deeper into the body than a regular intravenous ozone therapy treatment, better saturating more red blood cells with oxygen. High-dose ozone treatments can stimulate the production of new stem cells, activate existing ones, and kill bacteria and viruses, leading to a stronger immune system.

Other ozone therapy benefits include healthy hair and nails, healthy and radiant skin, improved energy levels, and deeper, more restful sleep.

The Newest Form of Ozone Therapy: EBOO Treatment

EBOO has been more recently added to the ozone therapy line-up. It stands for Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBOO) and it is the most advanced form of ozone therapy available today. EBOO treatments use an EBOO dialysis filter which cleans blood from the debris of destroyed germs, heavy metals, fungus, etc. It then ozonates the blood in stages. First, blood is drawn from one patient’s vein, then through a closed system, in order to eliminate the possibility of contamination, it goes through the dialysis filter to be ozonated. Finally, it is reintroduced into the patient via another vein. The entire process can take just 45 minutes and the EBOO treatment is quickly becoming known as the most effective form of ozone therapy in the world.

As you can see, all forms of ozone therapy can have their place depending on the patient and their goals with treatment. Call the American Regenerative Clinic to book a consultation with one of our experts and find out which ozone therapy might be right for you!

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