Platelet Rich Plasma, How It Can Help You

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is found in the blood, the blood contains small solid components called red and white blood cells as well as platelets. The platelets are usually used to clot blood but also contain hundreds of proteins, called growth factors, which are important when healing injuries. PRP is blood which has more platelets than is typically found in blood, usually by 5 – 10 times more. Blood is drawn from the patient and then the platelets are separated from the blood cells, the doctors then increase the concentration and combine it with the remaining blood.

Platelet Rich Plasma has many uses, it has been helpful in treating ligament and muscle injuries by improving the natural healing process. PRP has also been used to help treat chronic tendon injuries such as tennis elbow. There have been many tests and experiments to find out if PRP can help a variety of injuries like fractures and arthritis, or if it is beneficial to use during surgery but at this time there is not enough evidence to conclude anything concrete, though the initial results are promising.

Are you interested in learning more about platelet rich plasma? If you are thinking about it you should schedule an appointment with the doctor to discuss the procedure, costs and assorted options available. Here at American Regenerative Clinic we care about our patients and strive to administer only the highest possible quality of care, from facials to lip and eye treatments and so much more. To learn more about platelet rich plasma and the rest of our services give us a call at (248) 876-4242.

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