Can Platelet Rich Plasma Help My Arthritis Pain?

Can Platelet Rich Plasma Help My Arthritis Pain?

You may have heard of platelet-rich plasma because of elite athletes using it to recover faster. However, have you heard what it can do for your arthritis? Tiger Woods, Rafael Nadal, and others have used platelet-rich plasma for sprains and tendon injuries. But you could get arthritis relief from this new treatment.

Let’s rewind a bit here… what do platelets do? How can they be used to treat any of these conditions? Platelets have more than one role to play in the body. They promote clotting, so you don’t bleed to death from a paper cut. They also contain proteins which cause wounds on your body to begin to heal. They are a catalyst your body’s natural healing process.

Platelets are also a natural source of growth factors. Several different types of growth factors can be stored inside of platelets. These growth factors help speed tissue and bone regeneration. They can be helpful in both soft tissue and hard tissue healing.

Doctors have long searched for ways to mimic this process. That’s where platelet rich plasma comes in. Plasma is taken from your body, concentrated, and then re-injected. The injections target areas of inflammation or tissue damage. The platelet rich plasma turbo-charges healing in those areas through the natural process.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy can be used to promote many things. Another great use is in helping hair growth. Doctors can inject platelet-rich plasma into the scalp. This reduces any inflammation that might be causing reduced hair production. Tissue healing can be promoted by platelet-rich plasma therapy as well.

Whether you have osteoarthritis, patellofemoral pain, or pseudo-arthritis, platelet rich plasma can help. We are mimicking your body’s natural response to inflammation and pain. Using the most intelligent defense system you have but hacking it to make it even better.

Platelets play an essential role in tissue regeneration and repair. They help your body to stay alive on a daily basis. Elbow tendonitis, wrist, shoulder, hip, and knee injuries have all shown improvement. Platelet-rich plasma can help speed recovery time or avoid knee replacement.

Platelet-rich plasma is no longer only available to the rich and famous. New medical developments have reduced the cost of this restorative treatment. You can unlock your body’s own healing power at the American Regenerative Clinic.

There are almost no risks to this natural treatment because it comes from your own body and is natural. Other treatments for these conditions have shown minimal effectiveness. NSAIDS and anti-inflammatory medicines can have negative long-term side effects for patients. All that being said, platelet rich plasma is a treatment you can’t afford not to consider.

Schedule your appointment today to learn more about this safe and effective method. Heal damaged bone, tissue, and relieve chronic pain. Treating inflammation and chronic pain directly where applied.
For more information on how the treatment works, visit our website or call us today. You don’t have to wait to get the pain relief you need.

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