Professional Training for Physicians and Estheticians Offers Certification for Chemical-Free Regenerative Skin Procedures.

All new two day workshop on Plasma Fillers, PRP and supportive skin care procedures will be held in downtown Chicago May 20th & May 21st. Learn how to offer natural alternatives to artificial fillers with filler gel made from the patient’s own blood plasma. In depth training on supportive holistic skin care protocols to enhance and prolong the results of PRP and plasma fillers, will be featured as well. Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky of the American Regenerative Clinic will show physicians how FDA approved Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (also known as the “PRP Facelift”) can safely mitigate wrinkles and tissue damage without the use of synthetic facial fillers.

Elina Fedotova, chief formulator of Elina Organics, and the President of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners, will demonstrate how to prepare the skin for PRP treatments. She will also share post treatment skin care protocols for optimum results.

This two-day training workshop on PRP is open to both physicians and estheticians.

Physicians will learn how to:

• Create individual anti-aging, holistic protocols for their patients.

• Use PRP for aesthetics & other health benefits.

• Create plasma gel from their patient’s plasma and inject it into the face for

immediate results.

• Introduce a holistic approach to their medical practice.

Aestheticians will learn:

• How to prepare the skin for PRP, as well as how to administer post

treatment skin care protocols to enhance and prolong results.

• Different ways to support collagen regeneration, including the use of


• Skin rejuvenating phyto-therapy.

• How to bring the holistic approach into the treatment room.

For more information please call 269-384-2170, or email

Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky specializes in a number of regenerative medical procedures, including Prolotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Stem Cell Therapy and Neural Prolotherapy. He has two medical degrees and has been practicing Regenerative Medicine since 2009. After working as a surgeon in the Ukraine and moving to the United States, he earned his second medical degree (DO) from the New York College of Osteopathy Medicine. He is an active member of the American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine.

Elina Fedotova is an award winning clinical aesthetician, cosmetic chemist and the CEO of Elina Organics. In 2008, she founded the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners. For more than 20 years she has used the intelligence of nature to heal and beautify the skin. In 2012 her Chicago skin care clinic earned Chicago magazine’s “Best Facial” award. Her edible products and skin care expertise have been featured on GMA Live! as well as Chicago’s ABC 7, NBC 5, Fox 32, CLTV and WGN-TV.

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