Prolozone in Bloomfield HillsProlotherapy is a treatment technique used for chronic myofascial pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, or sports injury. It involves repeated injections of dextrose solution or other irritating substances into the joint, tendon, or painful tissue in order to provoke a regenerative tissue response. Prolotherapy developed its name because it causes proliferation in the body, which means the growth and formation of new collagen fibers. At American Regenerative Clinic, we have mastered this technique, and many of our clients in areas of Michigan like, Bloomfield Hills, Rochester, Farmington Hills, Troy, and Rochester Hills, have experienced great improvement in their health!

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What are some of the benefits of Prolotherapy?
Prolotherapy can relieve lower back pain and treat injured muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments in the knees, hips and shoulders. Patients with chronic conditions like arthritis may also benefit. Prolotherapy also stimulates new growth. The solution stimulates new collagen tissue growth that relieves pain and improves function. The purpose of the procedure is to strengthen the joints in hopes of reducing pain in the area. Also, the improved strength of the joint will help with stability and improve overall movement and function of the back and joints.Prolotherapy is an all-natural, permanent treatment, as it relies on the body repairing itself to reduce pain. In contrast, pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications only provide temporary relief.

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Why should you get treated at American Regenerative Clinic?

At American Regenerative Clinic, we have a few key beliefs:

  • Aging does not have to feel painful or limiting
  • There are natural remedies and treatments for chronic pain
  • Natural treatments can be utilized for disease and related symptoms
  • You do not have to look or feel your age!

Clients who come to American Regenerative Clinic are always surprised with our wide range of treatment options and services. These treatments and services include: Ozone Therapy, Ozone Injections, Functional Medicine, Ultra V Lift, Stem Cells Therapy, PRP Therapy, Prolozone, Erectile Dysfunction Shot, and much more!

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