Prolozone Therapy For Pain Relief

Prolozone TherapyAs we age, our bodies may need some help to function in optimal condition. Areas of pain can persist due to years of poor diet, vigorous exercise, old injuries and daily wear and tear.  Painful inflammation can occur as a result of physical and emotional stress, rich sugary diets, unbalanced insulin or hormones and sensitivity to food or allergies.  Over time, muscles and joints begin to deteriorate resulting in the need for rehabilitation, relaxation or worst case, surgery.

The lead cause of degeneration is lack of nutrition and oxygen to the body.  One of the most highly recommended solutions that will work synergistically with your body is Prolozone therapy. This therapy is a regenerative therapy that can be used to alleviate a variety of pain in designated areas of the body.

Prolozone Therapy is Non-Surgical

The best part about Prolozone therapy is it is non-surgical so it is administered with minimal disruption to your schedule.  The therapy works by replacing the ozone that is in the body once the body is no longer able to produce it itself.  Where there is a lack of oxygen, the body can begin to suffer and high doze ozone is one way to begin to repair and nourish the body naturally.  Ozone therapy is used worldwide and is regarded as an efficient and safe way to treat pain from inflammation and swelling.

Prolozone Therapy is a two-part Process

Prolozone therapy is a two-part process. The pain zone is first treated by adding the nutrition back into the affected areas.  A syringe of liquid vitamins and minerals will be administered into the muscle, tissue, joint or any other affected area.  The injection ultimately will aid circulation by reducing inflammation to the affected areas.  The second step is a high dose of ozone following the injection. The high dose ozone will spread over the infected area reaching a larger surface then the injection point itself.  To read more about the specifics of high dose ozone and Prolozone treatments refer to the services tab on our website –

This procedure will generally allow patients to go back to work and continue their day with minimal interruption.  On average, a patient will require between 3-5 treatments and will feel improvements after each treatment.  This treatment along with a healthy lifestyle will reduce pain and increase functionality to allow for a better quality of life.

For a full list of treatments that we offer including Prolozone Therapy, Ultra V Lift and High Dose Ozone browse the services tab on our website or contact us to discuss how Prolozone Therapy and High Dose Ozone can improve your quality of life.  Prolozone Therapy is available at the American Regenerative Clinic office in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  We also service the surrounding areas including Troy, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Twp and Farmington Hills.  We are thrilled to be able to provide solutions to reduce or eliminate pain for our patients.

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