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PRP injections near meSearching for PRP injections near me? The American Regenerative Clinic offers diverse therapies involving PRP which is also known as Platelet-Rich Plasma. PRP treatments can not only be used for their anti-aging effects and benefits but they can also be used to repair damage inside of the body and strengthen weak tissues. As we age, our ligaments and tendons become weak and can lead to pain and joint damage. PRP treatments can repair this damage which can lead to improved joint and muscle function as well as less pain. Let’s explore both treatments further below so you can decide if PRP treatments could be right for you!

PRP Injections Near Me as a Facelift Option

Did you know that platelet-rich plasma can help with the look and feel of your skin? There are actually PRP facelifts offered at the American Regenerative Clinic! These PRP facelifts are much less invasive than surgical facelifts and require little to no downtime after the procedure. Furthermore, it can regenerate facial tissue and works really well! The treatment involves taking a small sample of blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to concentrate and separate the platelets and plasma. The concentrated sample is then applied all over the face.

Platelets contain growth factors and proteins which are very important in the repair and regeneration of tissue. They activate stem cells that are already present in the skin. PRP encourages the growth of cells and leads to the development of new collagen, thereby giving your face a younger look, without ever going under the knife!

PRP Injections Near Me as a Joint Pain Relief Option

Next, we’ll explore how PRP injections can be used to help regenerate joints and muscles in patients where joints and muscles have become weak. At the American Regenerative Clinic location, we mix PRP with ozone in order to activate the growth factors in the plasma. This allows the PRP and ozone to work together the way neither can do alone.

PRP is an effective and safe method of healing damaged bone and soft tissue. The procedure involves taking a sample of blood and spinning it in a centrifuge (as with the other PRP treatment we discussed earlier) in order to concentrate and separate the platelets and the plasma from one another. The concentrated sample is then injected into the area experiencing pain, where it can repair the damage by actually rebuilding the tissue.

Tips for Your First PRP Injection Treatment

Your doctor and team will advise you on medications to avoid before your first platelet-rich plasma procedure, such as anti-inflammatory medications. You should eat a full, healthy breakfast and drink lots of water, especially on the day of your procedure. At the American Regenerative Clinic, we’ll always give you all the pre and post-procedure guidelines laid out so you’ll have all of your questions answered.

For patients who are having PRP injections for bone and soft tissue repair, it is recommended that you rest the day of your procedure and keep the affected joints mobilized the following 2 days afterward. If you are using PRP injections as a healing agent for bones and soft tissue, connective tissue support vitamins and/or cream will be prescribed for you as this will enhance the healing process. Drinking lots of water is also recommended after this treatment (as well as before as mentioned earlier).

A follow-up appointment must be scheduled 2 weeks after the procedure. During the follow-up, the doctor will assess your healing and determine the next best course of action. Physical therapy may also be a part of your post-procedure journey to aid you in the healing process and help the affected joints to heal quickly.

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