Regenerate Tendons & Ligaments with Prolotherapy

The health benefits of having an active lifestyle are ample, however, the constant strain on the joints can cause damage to the tendons and ligaments, resulting in joint instability. Joint instability often contributes to significant joint pain and loss of mobility. At the Bloomfield Hills clinic, we offer solutions to help our client regenerate tendons and ligaments to resume their active lifestyle. Prolotherapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma and Prolozone are our top 3 recommended treatments to treat damaged tendons and ligaments. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of all 3.    neural-prolotherapy1

Prolotherapy benefits and treatment:

Prolotherapy is a non-invasive procedure that will help to stimulate tissue into repair. Prolotherapy strengthens the tendons and ligaments around a joint resulting in increased joint stability and range of motion. With stronger tendons and ligaments for joint support, patients can re-engage in an active lifestyle.

 Prolotherapy is a natural solution for treating chronic pain. To begin, injections of an irritant solution are administered into the tendons and ligaments surrounding the injured joint. This injection causes a controlled inflammation in the affected area increasing blood flow and nutrient supply thus encouraging regeneration of the tissues. To read more about how this treatment is administered click here.

The process takes an average of 2-8 treatments to feel a significant improvement.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) benefits and treatment:

 Using the body’s healing power is a safe and natural way to regenerate damaged tendons and ligaments. PRP is a non-invasive natural treatment that reduces the pain and suffering caused by unsupported joints. The weakness in tendons and ligaments is, in large part, what causes the pain and loss of mobility in joints.

PRP involves spinning a small blood sample in a centrifuge to concentrate and separate out the platelets and plasma. The sample is then injected into the damaged area to begin to naturally rebuild the tissues. This treatment is effective as the platelets are rich in proteins used to repair damaged tissue thus encouraging the growth of cells in the injected areas. At the Bloomfield Hills clinic, we help patients reduce pain and resume the activities they love to do. To read more about the benefits of PRP, click here.

Prolozone and Ozone therapy benefits and treatment:

Do you suffer from joint pain when running or walking? If so, you may be a candidate for Prolozone. Prolozone is a natural therapy administered at the Bloomfield Hill clinic to treat joint pain. This all-natural therapy restores the tendons and ligaments that surround the affected joint.

Pain is often caused by poor circulation which creates a nutrient deficiency in the affected areas of the body. Prolozone therapy involves first injecting a supply of nutrients into the injured area. The injection gives the body a natural boost of vitamins and nutrients to begin the healing process. Next, a dose of ozone is injected into the same area. Ozone acts as a natural carrying agent allowing the solution to reach the tendons, ligaments and bone. Learn more about this treatment by clicking here.

American Regenerative Clinic offers a variety of treatments for pain management and skin tightening such as ultra v life. To review our full list of services click here.

The clinic is located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. We also service the surrounding areas including Troy, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Bloomfield Twp and Farmington Hills. We look forward to helping you achieve optimum health.


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