Stem Cell Therapy and How Can it Help Me

What is Stem Cell Therapy and How Can it Help Me?

You may have heard of stem cell research or stem cell therapy. But what are stem cells and how can they help something like arthritis? Stem cells are cells that can differentiate and replicate. They can transform into any different type of cell that they need to be. That means that they are your own personal reparative army. However, how do we utilize this army?

Stem cells come, mainly, from two sources. Embryonic stem cells come from blastocysts and adult stem cells in living adults. The adult stem cells serve to keep the body functioning, but many lay in wait. Those extra stem cells can be harvested by doctors and implanted into an area that needs help the very same day. With stem cell therapy from the American Regenerative Clinic, the future is now.

Hematopoietic stem cell therapy is a fantastic resource for blood transfusions. This treatment has been in place for more than forty years. Hematopoietic stem cells can become any blood cell they need to be. One incarnation is extraordinary because of its terrifying abilities – natural killer cells.

A natural killer cell can bind to particular tumor and virus cells. It then kills by inserting granules into the cell containing perforin. Perforin creates lesions – like pores – in the membranes of the offending cells. It is a natural protein, released by your reliable old immune system.

You have probably heard of one common type of stem cell therapy but not by the “stem cell” name. Hematopoietic stem cells can be found in bone marrow in your body. Bone marrow transplants are a useful treatment option for certain cancers and diseases. Diseases can harm your stem cells’ ability to produce healthy blood cells. A Transplant can provide new stem cells that will produce stem cells and healthy blood cells.

Another type of stem cell, Mesenchymal stem cells, have been reported in many tissues. They can be found in bone marrow as well as fatty tissue. Stem cell therapy using the cells found in bone marrow can help to regenerate bone tissue. Stem cell therapy with cells found in adipose tissue can cell to regrow muscle in the knee. The applications for this incredible treatment are limitless.

Adult stem cell therapy is commonly used as an alternative to knee replacement. The patient regains movement and flexibility in their knee without surgery. This treatment has been so effective that it has become fashionable among athletes. It is not just athletes who are jumping on the stem cell train. Arthritis, OPD, Lupus, and other disorders have all shown a reaction to stem cell therapy.

Old injuries or degenerative diseases often result in a condition called “cellular depletion.” Stem cell therapy is the only known treatment for this condition that has been shown to work. The more advanced stem cell therapy becomes, the more treatment options become available. There is even a possibility of curing conditions that have long-time been incurable.

American Regenerative Clinic harnesses the power held within your cells. Bringing years of scientific discovery to you for an affordable price. Contact one of our specialists today to learn how our stem cell therapy can improve your life.

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