Stimulating the Body’s Natural Healing Response with Prolozone Therapy

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Prolozone therapy in Kalamazoo is used to help reduce chronic joint pain and to relieve the swelling around injured or overused joints. Inflammatory diseases also cause swelling in the body, which leads to pain. Prolozone therapy is a well-established procedure for reducing pain and stimulating healing in the areas where it is applied. The application of prolozone therapy in Kalamazoo combines high-concentration vitamins and minerals with ozone therapy. The combination triggers the healing process that goes beyond what topical treatments can achieve, and no surgery is required. Call us for a consultation if you are experiencing pain and would like to learn more about prolozone therapy in Kalamazoo.

Alternative Medicine Treatments for Injured Joints and Swelling

Pain caused by inflammation, repetitive use injuries, and age can benefit from alternative medicine treatments as an alternative to surgery. Therapies such as prolozone, high dose ozone and PRP injections in Rochester stimulate the body to begin healing itself. The recovery time from alternative medicine treatments is much shorter than surgery. In addition, alternative medicine treatments can result in a variety of beneficial side effects, including healthier looking hair and skin and increased energy. Find out more about alternative medicine treatments in Bloomfield Hills, Rochester, Birmingham and Kalamazoo by contacting us. Dr. Andrey Lutskovski can assess your situation and explain how you can benefit from natural healing.

How Prolozone and PRP Injections are Different

Prolozone therapy involves injecting high-concentrations of vitamins and minerals into the affected area, followed by injections of the patient’s ozonated blood. PRP injections make use of isolated platelets and plasma from a sample of the patient’s blood. The platelet-rich plasma, which also contains white blood cells, is injected into the treatment area. Both procedures stimulate healing and have been shown to reduce pain. PRP procedure and prolozone therapy are sometimes used together, or PRP procedures may be used with high-dose ozone or stem cell treatments to achieve the desired results.

Regenerative Therapies as an Alternative to Surgery

Have you ever explored the possibility of regenerative therapies such as high dose ozone therapy or PRP injections to reduce pain and improve the symptoms of a variety of diseases? Many of these regenerative therapies also have a beneficial effect on the appearance of skin. Regenerative therapies such as PCL thread lifting, PDO thread lifting and Ultra V Lift are minimally invasive procedures. Treatments stimulate collagen fibre building which can firm and tighten skin. This has the effect of a non-surgical facelift, toning the skin and making it appear younger and healthier-looking.

Ultra V Lift – Advanced Non-Surgical Facelifting

Ultra V Lift is the most advanced regenerative therapy used today for improving the look of skin without the need for invasive surgery. Ultra V Lift uses the power of ultrasound to heat the targeted areas. This stimulates collagen production and contraction, and cell reproduction. Over the next weeks and months, the treated area heals, resulting in lifting and tightening of the skin. The effects of one Ultra V lift treatment in Kalamazoo can last for years, treatments are less expensive than surgery, and the recovery time is minimal.

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