Suffering from Sore and Swollen Joints - Prolozone Therapy May Help

Alternative medicine doctors have, for many years, been using a non-surgical treatment to naturally reduce the swelling and pain of swollen joints. Prolozone therapy uses a combination of vitamins, minerals and ozone to reduce the pain and promote the healing of swollen joints. The beneficial effects of prolozone therapy go deeper into the affected area than any other non-surgical treatment, and the effects are greater. Recovery time is minimal, and patients begin to feel the benefits of prolozone therapy almost immediately. Make an appointment with us to learn more about the prolozone procedure and to determine if it is the right alternative medicine therapy for you. 

High Dose Ozone – Harnessing the Power of Ozone

High dose ozone therapy is a popular treatment in many parts of Europe because of its ability to reduce pain and assist in the treatment of a variety of other conditions. For the high dose ozone procedure, a sample of the patient’s blood is enriched with a high concentration of ozone and is reinjected into the treatment area. High dose ozone therapy improves the intake of oxygen in the body which, in turn, gives the immune system a boost. Improved circulation, accelerated healing, and improved mobility can result from high dose ozone therapy. Secondary side effects of high doze ozone and 10-pass ozone can include healthy hair and nails, healthy and radiant skin, improved energy levels, deeper, more restful sleep. 

PRP Therapy to Encourage Natural Healing

PRP injections or platelet-rich plasma therapy is another alternative medicine treatment that is used to help reduce pain. Often PRP injections are used in combination with high dose ozone or stem cell treatments. You should consult qualified alternative medicine doctors to understand PRP injections and the possible benefit to your particular condition. Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky of the American Regenerative Clinic is a renowned alternative medicine doctor who has studied these natural healing techniques including the PRP procedure for many years. Call us for an appointment with Dr. Lutskovsky today. 

Ultra V Lift – Alternative Medicine Treatment to Improve the Appearance of Skin

Many people would like to improve the look and feel of their skin, to repair the damage done by age and exposure to the elements. Surgery is always an option however, it is expensive, and the recovery time is slow and painful. Ultra V Lift technology is an alternative to surgical facelifts that is non-invasive and gets dramatic results with just one treatment. Ultra V Lift uses ultrasound to heat targeted areas to a high temperature creating tiny ‘wounds’ deep under the skin where the structural scaffolding exists. When Ultra V Lift technology is applied, collagen contracts and rebuilds, and cell production is stimulated. Over the following weeks and months after the treatment, skin becomes firmer and younger-looking. Call us for a consultation about Ultra V Lift or any of our other skin rejuvenation treatments, including PCL thread lifts and PDO thread lifts. 

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