Prolozone Therapy

Regenerate Tendons & Ligaments with Prolotherapy


The health benefits of having an active lifestyle are ample, however, the constant strain on the joints can cause damage to the tendons and ligaments, resulting in joint instability. Joint instability often contributes to significant joint pain and loss of mobility. At the Bloomfield Hills clinic,

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The Benefits of High Dose Ozone Therapy


If you suffer from autoimmune chronic diseases or joint inflammation, high dose Ozone Therapy is a solution that will restore mobility and relieve joint pain. Our bodies produce ozone for repair and optimal functionality. When our body suffers from a lack of oxygen, the effects of

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Prolozone Therapy For Pain Relief


As we age, our bodies may need some help to function in optimal condition. Areas of pain can persist due to years of poor diet, vigorous exercise, old injuries and daily wear and tear.  Painful inflammation can occur as a result of physical and emotional stress, rich

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