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Regenerate Tendons & Ligaments with Prolotherapy


The health benefits of having an active lifestyle are ample, however, the constant strain on the joints can cause damage to the tendons and ligaments, resulting in joint instability. Joint instability often contributes to significant joint pain and loss of mobility. At the Bloomfield Hills clinic,

Regenerate Tendons & Ligaments with Prolotherapy2019-05-17T18:27:56+00:00

Stem Cell Therapy & PRP : Advanced Healing Techniques


Learn How a Combination of PRP & Stem Cell Therapy Can Relieve Chronic Pain We have discussed Prolotherapy, a form of injection healing, extensively in the past. Prolotherapy stimulates the body to repair damaged ligaments and tendons. This therapy can make invasive surgery irrelevant. But what

Stem Cell Therapy & PRP : Advanced Healing Techniques2021-05-02T13:30:34+00:00
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