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Ozone Therapy: A Natural Healing Solution


Living an active lifestyle has so many benefits, however, as we age we often feel the sting of injury from overuse of joints, muscles and tendons. At American Regenerative Clinic, we support natural healing techniques for illness and pain management including Ozone Therapy. OZONE THERAPY FOR

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Ultra V HIFU Plus Lifting for Anti-Aging


Glowing healthy skin is a top priority at any age. At American Regenerative Clinic, to keep our patients feeling beautiful inside and out, we offer effective anti-aging treatments, such as Ultra V HIFU Plus Lifting (HIFU), a natural alternative to an invasive surgical facelift. The benefits

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5 Facts About Stem Cell Injections


If you experience chronic inflammation or are affected by a neurological disorder, stem cell treatments may be the solution you have been looking for. The research behind stem cell injections and stem cell therapy is constantly evolving. At American Regenerative Clinic in Bloomfield Hills, we offer

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