The Anti-Aging Effects of Ozone Therapy

Anti-AgingWe mainly see the effects of aging from the outside. We worry about laugh lines, wrinkles on our forehead, veins on our hands, and our hair turning grey. These are the signs of aging we can see with our own two eyes. But the effects of aging that actually affect us the most are happening inside. Joint pain, lack of energy, muscle aches, chronic illness, and more are really the effects that keep us from continuously living a happy, energized life. But anti-aging treatments don’t just have to be something we use to get rid of our crow’s feet. They can be something we turn to in order to get an internal boost as well!

High Dose Ozone Therapy for Anti-Aging

Ozone therapy is a natural regenerative branch of medicine that develops methods to repair damaged or diseased cells, organs, or tissues. Intravenous high dose ozone is a popular form of ozone therapy and has been used to strengthen weakened areas of the body and assist with mobility and agility, keys to feeling young!

Another great thing about ozone therapy is that its secondary effects can also be seen from the outside. Secondary positive ozone therapy side effects include healthy hair and nails, healthy and radiant skin, improved energy levels, and deeper, more restful sleep. And as we all know, it’s called beauty sleep for a reason!

2. EBOO’s Anti-Aging Effects

With EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation) ozone blood dialysis is the most advanced form of ozone treatment available today. It is a unique form of therapy that heals and detoxifies by stimulating oxygen metabolism, activating the immune system, and eliminating harmful viruses, fungi, bacteria, yeast, and protozoa. It detoxifies blood by filtering it through a machine that adds oxygen and then reintroduces the blood to your body in a closed-circuit environment.

The EBOO treatment can enhance blood flow, which could lead to pain and inflammation relief. Since pain is the main reason that people don’t exercise as they get older, this could have a multitude of cascading health benefits. EBOO also up-regulates antioxidant enzyme defences, scavenging excess free radicals, which is key in rejuvenation and overall health as we age.

EBOO has also been used as a part of an overall treatment plan for chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, chronic hepatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis, and Crohn’s disease.

Stem Cell Therapy and Anti-Aging

Stem cell therapy is an incredible example of using the body’s own healing powers on itself, leading to a healthier, younger-feeling body. It essentially works by isolating stem cells from one location of the body (fat tissue or bone marrow) and relocating them to an area of disease, injury, or inflammation. Stem cells’ main job in our bodies is to maintain and repair tissue. Stem cell treatments employ this natural function by moving stem cells to an area of need within the body.

The magic of stem cells is that once they’re in the affected area of the body, they can adapt and grow into any type of cell the body needs in order to repair the area. For example, stem cell therapy can assist in stem cells becoming bone cells, cartilage cells, muscle cells, etc. By repairing these cells, people experience an overall better quality of life and feel better inside and out. Many people describe feeling young as having the ability to do what you want when you want. This is what regenerative medicine can give people.

If you’re ready for a body tune-up and think that ozone therapy or stem cell treatments could be right for you, call us to book an appointment at American Regenerative Clinic. Please contact us if you have questions about any of our treatments.

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