thread facelift Bloomfield HillsLet’s face it, we all start to age a some point in our lives, it’s natural. However, some people choose to slow down that clock anyway possible, and in most cases, that involves going under the knife with invasive surgery. The facelift is a procedure meant to turn back the hands of time, and provide you with a more youthful look. It reshapes the lower half of your face by removing excess facial fat and skin. While this is a common route that many people choose to take for their beauty strategy, there is another way to obtain a minimally invasive facelift. At American Regenerative Clinic, our goal is to provide our clients with innovative non-invasive strategies to achieve the youthful appearance they are going for.

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What does a minimally invasive facelift mean?…

A thread lift would be considered a minimally invasive facelift and holistic skin care method. The idea of the thread lift involves temporary sutures being used that create a faint but conspicuous lift in the patient’s skin. This procedure differs from a surgical facelift because it removes the need to remove the patients lose facial skin surgically. Your skin is essentially tightened by pulling it up tight and then stitching it down. The thread lift also promotes healing by signalling the body to produce more collagen in the area of the sutures. For people who are looking to achieve a more youthful look, but aren’t looking to go under the knife should consider a thread lift. The procedure will provide ongoing rejuvenation and production of facial tissues and collagen.

Should I consider a thread lift instead of a facelift?…

Nobody really wants to go under the knife in any situation because the downtime can be extensive and the recovery can be uncomfortable. If there are other alternatives, a good amount of people will choose that. For many people, the most prevalent advantage of the thread lift is the reduced recovery time. With surgical facelift procedures, the patient can be heavily sedated, which adds to the uncomfort of the recovery period. On the flip side, with thread lifts, the procedure can be done using local anesthesia, meaning just the treatment area is numbed. This greatly decreases the downtime and recovery for the patient.

Another major reason why people would choose the thread lift is because of the affordability. Thread lifts are far less costly than invasive surgical procedures. Why pay more money for a more invasive procedure when you can go with a more natural stem cell facelift.

After care…

While a thread lift is minimally invasive, it still can produce minor scars near the treatment areas. In these cases, we recommend using Elina Organic Skin Care Products that can help diminish the appearance of these scars. Check out these all natural organic skin care products on our website!

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