The Many Uses of Ozone Therapy and Stem Cell Injections

Stem cell injections in Michigan


Ozone therapy has been used as a natural way to address chronic illnesses and pain for many years. But, ozone therapy, including high dose ozone treatments and multi-pass ozone treatments, has secondary benefits. These include healthier hair and nails and radiant skin. Many patients also report increased energy levels and deeper, more restful sleep. Ozone therapy can take on several forms using varying concentrations of ozone in the blood. To find out which is the right ozone therapy for you, contact us for a consultation with renowned alternative medicine doctor Dr. Andrey Lutskovsy. Ozone therapy is available at both the Bingham Farms and Kalamazoo locations.

Prolozone Therapy – Kick Start the Healing Process

Multi-pass and high dose ozone treatments use ozone alone to treat the affected area. Prolozone therapy combines the power of ozone with added nutrition in the form of concentrated vitamins and minerals injected into the treatment area. The combination allows prolozone therapy to kick-start the healing power that the body already has to reduce swelling, relieve pain and promote faster healing. If you are suffering from chronic joint pain, call us to investigate all-natural, non-surgical prolozone therapy.

Complementary Treatments – Stem Cell Injections in Michigan

Though it is a powerful treatment on its own, stem cell injections in Michigan are often combined with prolozone therapy, high dose ozone therapy and PRP procedure for added benefit. Call us for a consultation and learn more about stem cell injections in Michigan procedures and the potential benefits.

Strengthening Joints and Ligaments Naturally with Prolotherapy

Joints and ligaments can weaken over time due to aging, trauma, and overuse. The result is often stiffness, pain and sometimes loss of function that is difficult or expensive to treat with conventional medicine. Prolotherapy is an alternative medicine treatment that uses injections of an irritant (generally a dextrose solution) to the affected joint. The irritant helps stimulate the body’s natural growth and healing process, speeding up the production of new collagen fibres and strengthening the joint. The result is often less pain and greater mobility without surgery or medications. Get in touch with us to discuss your joint pain and discuss whether prolotherapy can help.

Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Treatments for Younger-Looking Skin

Feeling like your skin could use a little lift? Try one of our all-natural facial treatments to brighten, firm and hydrate your skin. We only use natural skin care products from Elina Organics. Check out the anti aging treatments we offer on our website and book an appointment today!

Ultra V Lift at American Regenerative Clinic

Have you heard about the benefits of Ulta V Lift face lifting? Ultra V Lift is a safe and effective way to firm and tone sagging skin without surgery or chemicals. Find out more on our website, and call 248-876-4242 for an appointment to evaluate whether Ulta V Lift technology is a good option for your skin.

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