Ozone and the Coronavirus

Treatment-for-CoronavirusWhile general precautions might be effective with COVID-19 spread, there is still no treatment yet, and no vaccine. Alternative treatments like stem cells and high dose ozone are proven to be highly effective against all germs including coronavirus.

A limited number of patients in China have received intravenous hyperbaric ozone and mesenchymal (stem ) cells in 2 separate hospitals with great success. American Regenerative Clinic leading by Dr Andrey Lutskovsky, has been provided stem cell and 10-pass ozone treatments for years.

Those solutions could be use not only for treatment, but as prophylaxis measures for elderly and people with compromised immune system.
I also like to put something on our website. Like main page announcement should say, that we are still open, and serving patients. Maybe something about how to beat coronavirus with Ozone. 

Benefits of Autologous and Homelogous Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell treatments are relatively new treatments, at American Regenerative Clinic, Dr. Lutskovsky and his exceptional team, offer their patients stem cell options to aid in the repair or recovery. Let’s explore these two types of popular stem cell treatments, Autologuous and Homologous, primarily for cancer patients.

What is Autologous Stem Cell Treatment?

An Autologous stem cell treatment, or a transplant, is taking healthy stem cells from your own body and injecting them into the diseased or damaged bone marrow. This procedure is also called an Autologous bone marrow transplant.

Who needs an Autologous Stem Cell Treatment?

This treatment is generally recommended for patients who have been treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or plasma cell disorders. During these treatments, bone marrow is often damaged and will significantly benefit from healthy stem cells via transplant. To read more about this treatment click here.

What is Homologous Stem Cell Treatments

Homologous stem cell treatment is a human to human transplant of stem cells to combat the damage caused by cancer treatments. There are many facets of Homologous transplants, the choice to engage is based on each individual case. If you have received cancer treatments, the experts at American Regenerative Clinic would be happy to meet with you to discuss the next steps in your recovery. This treatment is often recommended for patients 65+ who need stem cell repair.

Individual Treatment Plans

Our clinic specializes in creating individual treatment options based on each patient’s history and needs. Along with stem cell treatments, Dr. Lutskovsky and his experienced staff may recommend a combination of treatments, such as high dose ozone, 10 Pass Ozone, Multi-Pass Ozone, Prolozone Therapy or alternative treatments. Each patient is assessed and treated with the best combination of treatments to restore optimal health.

Attend Dr. Lutskovsky Ozone Masterclass

Learn about the benefits of Ozone therapy by attending Ozone Masterclasses with Dr. Lutskovsky in New York in April (http://www.ozonemasterclasses.com) or visit our new Multipass Ozone location in Kalamazoo.

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