Regenerative Medicine, What Can It Do For You?

Regenerative medicine is a form of treatment whereby the body uses its own resources to heal itself, and is a type of therapy that combines the study of science and medicine to find new sources of healing. There are three major types of regenerative medicine. Rejuvenation, which boosts the body’s own ability to heal itself; replacement, which uses healthy cells to replace damaged cells in the body; and, regeneration, which uses a specific type of cell to restore damaged tissues. There are various ways that regenerative medicine can help you, depending on the injury or disease you might have.

Stem cells are used in regenerative medicine as they have the ability to divide, multiple and specialize to become a variety of cells. They are undifferentiated cells found in the body that can then form into tissues, organs, or whatever the body needs in the injured area. They are pulled from one area of the body and relocated to the area of inflammation or disease. They may form into muscle, bone, tissue or more.

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is another type of regenerative medicine that can help you. This form of treatment uses the bodies’ own blood plasma to heal injured areas. The plasma is taken from the body, the platelets and plasma are then separated out, and the plasma is injected back in to the body. PRP helps by accelerating the healing process and encourages cell growth.

By using the bodies’ own resources to heal, the patient has more of a chance of fighting a disease or illness. This also provides endless resources for the body to use, rather than finding resources elsewhere. Not only can regenerative medicine heal organs, muscles and tissue, but it can also fight infection and potentially reverse the effects of a disease.

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