What Does Regenerative Medicine Offer?

What Does Regenerative Medicine Offer?

The body has the ability to heal naturally, but sometimes it needs a little stimulation to get it started. Regenerative medicine does this with procedures that use natural stimulants rather than drugs or surgical procedures to wake up the body’s healing response. Regenerative medicine can provide relief to people suffering from chronic pain and ease the effects of various illnesses. In addition, regenerative medicine includes techniques that deliver aesthetic benefits.  

Pain Relief

There are many reasons why people suffer from chronic pain. It may be due to repetitive stress, overexertion, extreme activity, age or illness. Regardless of the reason, regenerative medicine offers safe and drug-free ways to reduce pain. While there are several possible treatments to consider, your regenerative medicine doctor must first do a thorough examination of the affected area and understand your medical history to determine what may be causing the pain. Ozone treatments are one of the techniques often found useful in reducing inflammation and joint pain. Ozone therapy works by improving the intake of oxygen into the affected area, giving the immune system a boost, which allows the cells in the area to heal.   

Promote Healing and Overall Health

Regenerative medicine aims to promote healing and improve overall health by repairing damaged and diseased cells. Procedures such as prolotherapy, stem cell treatments and PRP injections are used to stimulate and accelerate healing in the areas where the treatments are applied. Since the immune response produced by the body is not usually limited to one area, many patients who undergo these procedures also notice beneficial side effects. Healthier skin, nails, hair, more restful sleep, and greater energy levels are all added benefits of regenerative therapies.   

Non-Medical Aesthetic Treatments

Many patients wish to reduce the effects of aging but do not want to bother with the cost, pain and the long recovery times associated with facelifts and other plastic surgeries. Regenerative treatments that don’t require surgery can produce similar types of results with virtually no recovery time. Without the need for surgery or chemicals, one such regenerative method uses ultrasound to stimulate collagen production under the skin. The new collagen fibers form a scaffold giving greater structure to the skin cells around them.    

Learn more about what regenerative medicine can do to help improve your health and well-being. Call us to book a consultation at one of our American Regenerative Clinic locations.

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