Ozone Therapy, What To Expect?

Ozone therapy is a non-invasive treatment that can be used to maintain health as well as treat numerous diseases. If our bodies lack oxygen, it can compromise our immune system, resulting in injury or illness. With ozone therapy, you can expect that blood will be drawn from your body, and will then be infused with ozone. The blood and ozone are mixed within a sterile container, and then the ozone-infused blood will be reinjected into the body by various means. This is called Autohemotherapy, and is the most common way to perform this treatment. The treatments typically take less than one hour.
Ozone therapy works by stimulating an enzyme that releases more oxygen. Ozone is an enhanced version of oxygen and is made up of three oxygen atoms that are found in the body. Increased ozone can fight off bacteria, viruses, infection and disease, as well as help fight eye and skin problems, cancer, decrease sleep apnea and improve energy. It will also enhance your health by increasing autoimmune efficiency so you can fight off disease. You will likely have improved circulation and a decrease of risk of blood clots.
If we are lacking any oxygen in our bodies, it could result in injury or illness, so ozone decreases the chance of this happening. You can also expect that ozone therapy will increase antioxidant defense capabilities and can increase mitochondrial cellular energy, while also improving liver function. You can expect that this treatment will be drug-free and safe. The only side-effects you may encounter might include nausea, coughing, burning eyes and headache. If you are experiencing discomfort, it is best to take breaks between treatments.

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