Where to get Stem Cell Therapy in Michigan?

Stem cell injections in Michigan


American Regenerative Clinic

Are you looking for stem cell therapy treatments in Michigan? Look no further as the American Regenerative Clinic in Bingham Farms, Michigan has you covered for stem cell therapy as well as many other regenerative therapies. Some of the regenerative therapies that our Bingham Farms location offers are ozone therapies including the innovative EBOO (extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation), Intravenous laser and photodynamic therapy, and IV therapies. However, let’s dive into what stem cell therapy is, its uses, and how the treatments work.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Known as the most advanced, natural healing process, the American Regenerative Clinic’s Michigan location is known for its fantastic stem cell therapies. Stem cell therapy is known to be so natural as it uses cells the body already has, and relocates them to help other areas of the body that are diseased, injured, or inflamed. Stem cells have the ability to maintain and repair tissue as they have the unique ability to become other types of cells the body needs. Stem cells can form into bone tissue, cartilage tissue, and muscle tissue, to name a few. Stem cells are also naturally anti-inflammatory, and can help aid the body in its own healing process and potentially reverse the effects of many diseases. If you suffer from arthritis, sports-related injuries, COPD, CHF, CAD, DM, auto-immune disease such as Lupus Erythematosus or Chron’s disease, spinal cord injuries, autism, or others, stem cell therapy may be a good treatment option for you. Stem cell therapy can even help with neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinsons disease.

What to Expect from our Michigan Stem Cell Therapy Treatments

Before a patient comes in for stem cell therapy at our Bingham Farms location, the clinic requests that they discontinue anti-inflammatory medication at least 3-4 days before the procedure. 1-2 weeks before the treatment, patients must discontinue blood thinners or herbs, supplements, or vitamins, as well as corticosteroids. Starting the procedure day with a healthy and light breakfast as well as drinking plenty of water is important.
On the day of the procedure, it is recommended that patients rest after stem cell therapy. In the next couple of days, the patient needs to keep the affected area mobilized to help the stem cells take effect. By 3-7 days after the therapy, patients are requested to start increasing their physical activity. You will return to the American Regenerative Clinic one week post-therapy to allow the doctors to check on how you’re healing. While there are many do’s and don’t post-treatment, our team will walk you through everything and make sure you’re comfortable with what is required of you.

How do Stem Cell Therapy Treatments Work?

The stem cell procedure begins by performing a mini-liposuction or bone marrow harvest from the patient’s pelvic bone. You will be under local anesthesia for this process. Next, the extracted stem cells are specially processed and then the isolated stem cells are injected into the affected area. The entire process takes only a few hours to complete.

Other Treatments Using Stem Cells

Did you know that some stem cell treatments do not require moving stem cells from one area of the body to another, but rather activating stem cells in a specific area to kickstart the healing process? High Dose Ozone supplies nearly 50 times the amount of ozone of regular intravenous ozone therapy and can have positive effects on circulation and immunity. This treatment also stimulates the production of new stem cells, activates existing ones, and kills bacteria and viruses. This treatment uses stem cells already located in a specific area of the body and allows them to replicate and create new specialized cells in that area.

If you feel that stem cell therapy or any of our other regenerative treatments could be right for you, call us today to book a consultation with Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky.

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