Want Younger Skin Without Surgery? Try Ultra V Lift

Skin sags and wrinkles form when the collagen fibers under the skin begin to break down and lose their elasticity. Many people feel the need to resort to surgery to tighten the skin around the face to avoid wrinkles. But it’s a painful process and slow recovery. Ultra V Lift technology uses high-frequency ultrelinaasound, which penetrates the skin to give collagen production a boost. HIFU Ultra V Lift results in the appearance of younger skin immediately after treatment, and the results only improve in the week following the procedure. Call us to learn more about Ultra V Lift at American Regenerative Clinic.

There Are Several Options for Facelifting Without Chemicals

HIFU Ultra V Lift is just one of several non-surgical and non-chemical treatments for the face that can reduce the signs of aging. PCL thread lifting and PDO thread lifts procedures use tiny surgical threads inserted under the skin, providing greater structure for collagen and cells to adhere. In addition, PRP injections, stem cell treatments and high dose ozone therapy have reported benefits that include the improved look of skin and hair. 

All-Natural Skincare Treatment Are Like Food for Your Skin

Regularly getting cleansing, detoxifying and rejuvenating facials do wonders for the appearance of younger skin. Chemical treatments are not necessary when one uses all-natural products that nourish the skin. In our skincare treatments, we use Elina Organics products, which are made from ingredients that could just as easily end up on your plate. Your skin needs the same nutrients your body needs, so why not feed it the same way. Elina Organics products are made with this principle in mind. 

Beneficial Side Effects of High Dose Ozone Therapy

High dose ozone therapy is used for patients suffering from a range of illnesses or chronic pain. The infusion of high dose ozone into the body has a rejuvenating effect on injured and diseased areas. The beneficial effects often carry over to the skin and hair with patients reporting improvements in the tone and overall healthy look of skin. Find out is high dose ozone therapy can help alleviate your chronic pain. Give us a call today!

Find Out What Regenerative Medicine Can Do – American Regenerative Clinic 

Regenerative medicine aims to improve lives by using the body’s ability to heal itself as the basis for treatment. If you could use stem cell injections, prolozone therapy, prolotherapy, and intravenous ozone therapy to help reduce chronic pain or to help treat a variety of inflammatory illnesses without drugs or surgery, would you want to know more? Call us at 248-876-4242 or visit our clinics in Kalamazoo and Bingham Farms, Michigan, to book a consultation with Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky, a renowned alternative medicine doctor. Discuss the benefits and risks of stem cell injections, prolozone therapy, intravenous ozone therapy, and prolotherapy and whether they are suitable for you.